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    Hi all, I’m the guy you call when you hate doing it. Tax Returns and Accounts that is.

    Seriously though, I’m an accountant located in the Northern Suburbs of Perth so let me introduce myself, Tony is my name.

    Though I have been doing this for many years now I have just recently introduced a bookkeeping and business management side to the accounting work and called it “AXXO Accounting & Management”.

    We get all clients both present and future to keep first class bookkeeping and accounting records, which we can now do for them or they can do it themselves with advice from us on how to do it correctly and efficiently (no time wasting on compliance work).

    Therefore with business transactions properly recorded any business can produce meaningful and up to date reports and statistics for use in checking their present performance and future growth prospects.

    This is where the management side of our service comes in as we are more interested in using the business reports and statistics we can provide, or clients can seemlessly produce themselves, to discuss their future business growth strategies, goals, financing for expansion and other ways to increase profits.

    Anyway, I think you get the idea and what I’m about.

    I try to get on as many business forums as I can as they can give me some great ideas. And I love taking on board information I can get from other business peoples experience and knowledge.

    This site is one of the best so I hope I can get to know you all and exchange ideas and opinions on all matters business related.


    Peter – FS Administrator
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    Hi Tony,
    A very warm welcome :)
    Thanks for joining

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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