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    In this high unemployment situation, the only way out is to be your own boss. To establish a business is not only a talk, but to implement. The problem is the capital, and worry about of the failure. The result of the failure is that it is to bring in debt. People open their shops, few of them succeed, most of them lost. Why this happen? They are doing the same, but why most of them failed? The conclusions are: Location; Service; Management; Organization; Capital Chain etc. One of the most important is: Luck.

    Regarding to the above, I have an idea for those who want to be their own boss of a safe investment business. I call it ” Joint Creation Enterprise” (JCE).
    The criteria is to share the risk and the revenue. How this work?

    A group of people (3 or more) who want to be their own boss for a business. These partnership establish a company, it is called ” Joint Creation Enterprise” (JCE). JCE could be a one person company who is capable to manage, monitor and keep control of those shops-to-be-opened. The partnership invest the same money into their business, run his own shops. JCE monitor those shops daily for sales and provide routine service. Monthly revenue will evenly goes into each shop’s owner. If one shop lost continuity 3 months or in an agree period, this partnership can vote for closure, relocation or combination. Thus, everyone is the winner.

    Let me describe detail by an example:

    1) There are 5 new graduated from the same school, they are friends and they want to establish a business.
    2) Afterward, they come out an idea to open several Laundromat in different locations.
    3) The reason are: one (Let me call him Peter) of them know the suppliers for coin machine that he can get a very low price of the machine. Another one (He is Paul) knows how to run a shop from his experience to work for McDonald.
    4) Paul become the CEO of this JCE. He train the other people for what he have learn
    5) These 5 people start their business to open 5 shops in different location within 3 months. Each of them run his own shop.
    6) They invest the same amount of US$20,000. Though the shop, area and rental are different, this does not bother them at all, because the investment and profit are split into even portion.
    7) Other than running his own shop, Paul monitor each shop, keep record of the sales and help each shop in consistent daily.
    8) Paul takes an extra of US200 from the profit per month as he is also the CEO of JCE.
    9) Paul will call a conference each month. Sum the net profit and split into equal part to give to each share. Review whichever shop is lose. Asistant and improvement in progress.
    10) For those shops keep lost continue in a period of time, the partner can vote to close it, relocation or combine.
    11) If these shops can make profit, they can clone the business under the same partner.

    Thus, it is for sure that the Laundromat can be an enterprise to become larger, or even IPO. Please write to me for any suggestions.

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    In this high unemployment situation, the only way out is to be your own boss.

    I agree with you on that point as in today situation no one bothers about one another so we have to use our own head to make a living for ourself :)

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