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    Ken Lee
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    I thought I would try to tap in to the flyingsolo community to get some advice on my little baby. It is located at http://www.wineidrink.com

    A little about me, I am an IT worker who loves wine, I have been looking for something to get stuck into without spending much capital.

    After starting a couple of blog’s that I could not keep up due to a lack of real passion in the subject i decided to start a wine and lifestyle blog and see how it went.

    So far it is going quite well, I have over 20 posts up and am finding keeping up with it quite easy. This is the first challenge overcome, finding a blog that you can actually blog about consistently.

    Since April 20th this year I have had just short of 400 unique visitors and just short of 2000 page views. (I use Google Analytics)

    It is still hard getting eyes on the site but I am slowly building these numbers which is the only thing keeping me going.

    To get people to my site I am using facebook, SEO, twitter, pinterest, G+ and Stumbleupon with mixed results.

    My best numbers have come from Stumbleupon then Twitter then Facebook and search.

    I am surprised how many people find my site via Google and Bing, generally it is when they google a wine I have reviewed I tend to be on the first page so I am quite happy with that. This also means that in the future I will continue to get clicks for no more work.

    I also tweet my reviews to the winery that makes the wine and I have had some success from this also, for example Wirra Wirra put my Church Block review on the front page of their site via Twitter and Facebook which gave me quite a few hits.

    This interaction with the wineries is gold too, to get them saying thanks and interacting with them allows me to slowly build a relationship with them too.

    Today I have taken the next step and included advertising on my site. I have started with Google Adsense which are located at the bottom of my posts so they do not clutter my page at all.

    I have also started with Amazon, selling products that I am talking about and I hope to get a little commission from this also.

    I do want to continue with the selling of products, I am not sure if Amazon is the answer moving forward but I would like to have a page for wine books, another for wine accessories and another for other lifestyle products that will end up falling under my blog’s umbrella.

    My blog visually is quite simple, i have decided against designing a logo etc and instead focusing on content which is really the most important part of any blog.

    My next goal other than making a few dollars on the blog is to become a part of the Wine Blogging community, at the moment I am still on the outer. I think you need to be up and running for 6 months before the other bloggers start recognising you on their blogrolls etc.

    I guess this is due to the amount of people that start a blog and give up after a couple of months due to essentially being invisible.

    Also, funnily enough some of my top pots have not been purely about wine, my most popular post was about Wine in the Game of Thrones and the next popular post after that was a pizza recipe I posted.

    So because of this I will expand into more lifestyle, in particular cooking which thankfully goes hand in hand with Wine and perhaps some other out of the box type posts.

    I hope this is enough information on what I am trying to do, I was hoping that a few of you guys and girls would not mind giving some advice and thoughts on my blog moving forward.

    Reminder, URL is http://www.wineidrink.com

    Also, if you do look and like why not sign up for my newsletter, you never know, you may find a wine that you love.



    Warren Cottis
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    Hello Ken & Welcome

    Here’s a thought…

    I just read your blog post about the Vinturi Wine Aerators (it’s a cold, wet day in Sydney)

    It was a good read and built very nicely all the way through.

    But at the end… the point of sale… you let confusion sneak in.

    Immediately under the click through point which is the text, you placed a completely unrelated picture… a very dominant picture of hosting for Netregistry.

    I suggest you will improve your chances of a sale if you repeat the photo of the Vinturi again and make the photo also a click through.

    Cheers :)

    Ken Lee
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    Thanks Warren,

    I appreciate you looking at my blog and appreciate your kind words.

    Most importantly I appreciate your advise on my latest post, I have fixed that issue already and I really do not need to cause confusion on what I am trying to sell on the site.

    Thanks again,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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