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    Hello and thank you for reading my post!

    I am an independent, building & interior design consultant.
    I created Cube Residential to offer a one-stop-spot, for those entering the residential design & building market.
    There are so many choices for the consumer in this industry and for most customers this can be overwhelming. I aim to take the hassle away, guide, advise and take on a little or all of the work for them!
    Working with the client, I tailor a plan to outline the best way forward and for them to proceed. From offering advice on the right block of land to designing their kitchen or their new home!
    Clients can be assured of my help throughout all stages of design development and ultimately, offering my unique ‘match-making’ service – finding the most suitable builder. (I am not a fan of the tendering process and am happy to elaborate for those interested).
    So, by looking out for the interests of everyone, I offer an honest and transparent service to all involved.

    Arrivederci all,


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    G’day Leanne,

    Welcome to Flying Solo, and thanks for introducing us to Cube :)

    We hope you enjoy being part of the gang. To help us get to know you a bit better, we’d love it if you’d update your forum profile (access via the Control panel in the grey bar above the forum), including details of where you’re based. You can add an image to your forum profile there too, if you like (choose Edit avatar).

    Great to have you around,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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