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    Hi all

    I’ve just moved over from the UK with OH, sounds foolish to jump into this, but having tried unsuccessfully to find the right type of work here. I’ve decided to take the plunge and start my own business.

    I ran a couple of businesses in the UK (Import and Retail in the gift market), and now would like to do something here. OH ran a web business in the UK, and so we have good skills and experience all round as well as good sales and marketing skills.

    For us its the perfect opportunity and as such will have pitfalls, a new country trying to work out the laws and regs of running a business, however I feel I can make this work.

    Our move to Oz was a lifestyle change and its been hard but at the same I am loving it. I have more time and can now create the life I want.

    As we don’t have any children or any huge debts its the perfect time financially for us. We also don’t have a restriction on the area as we can easily move as we have no roots in Sydney yet.

    Our goal of the business is provide a service to community as well as an opportunity for us to work and play together (luckily, we can actually stand the sight of each other 24 hours a day). Hubby and I have different skills and interests so the combination will actually enhance what we do. I know it’s going to be hard work and we are both prepared for that. The way we see it we have worked hard for employers and now its time to work hard for ourselves.

    I’m looking into opening a coffee shop – he loves his coffee (going on a barista course) and I love the idea of being able to provide the add-on (food is the obvious one).

    I’ve looked into the threads that have been posted on here for opening a cafe, which have been really helpful.

    If anyone is already in the cafe business, I would love to hear their stories and experience. Also is there anyone willing to be a mentor, I have been a life coach and realise the value of a coach/mentor.

    So far I have researched into the business; have a business plan template to work on. Also looking into perhaps buying a running coffee business.

    I have no experience working in an actual the coffee shop (have pub experience though) so now looking for work in one.


    Excited, inspired and overwhelmed

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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