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    Hi again all,

    So i’ve had all these ideas in my head and naturally I’ve been hesitant to implement them for many reasons.

    Anyway, when I was interstate, I noted this tiny little cafe that made the best sandwiches. It was well priced, had excellent quality fillings and bread. It had a rustic touch to it. They also had a soup of the day. It wasn’t a cafe as such, it was a just a shop front. It was just great sandwiches, and value for money. Anyway, they had a constant queue for morning tea and lunch and I’ve never seen anything like it in where I am.

    I’m sick of paying $5.00 for a ham cheese toastie and to me, it might be worth a go. They were selling these for $7 to $9 and it was worth every cent.

    Apart from working in a cafe/shopfront as such, how do you test your market for a thing like this? Setup a food stall on a weekend market?


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    This is the sort of idea that needs a lot of research to start with. It is really easy and tempting to tell yourself that since you liked this business then it will work for you. You really should have an existing passion or at least interest before you go spending money. Food businesses come with a lot of regulations also.

    That out of the way, why not? Food businesses are often easier to set up and make money(if they are in the right location) but you have to realise the amount of hours you have to put into them – if you can’t afford employees to start you may be working long hours seven days a week.

    Before you think any further you must decide if you can work those hours and find a spot that will attract a lot of walk past business. Spend a few months checking out the food businesses in the area you are looking at, the amount of customers they get and at what hours. Find an opening.

    Don’t be in a hurry – you may find after a month or so that this was just a whim and you would rather do something else. Food business opportunities are everywhere and small cafes in likely locations pop up for sale all the time so take your time – the opportunities will still be there later.

    At this stage I would advise against spending money on tests or market stalls until you look into it more.

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    ‘Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity’! We’d need to know this sandwich shop is a viable business. A business can fail with hundreds of customers. However, being a high price and still attracting lots of people does look good on face value.

    You could get talking to them and find out more and if rapport is strong enough and they are open. Find out more. You might be able to dig up financial records on them if they are public.

    Look for other precedents selling the high quality sandwich.

    Ask yourself whether this location was more important. People pay more if they have no choice. No shop for hundreds of kms?

    Competition: seeing a high quality one with lots of customers next to a low quality one would add credence to the idea.

    Ensure they are lining up because the sandwiches are good, rather than the service slow (though that seems unlikely unless there are no other options for food nearby).

    I agree with Rowan about also making sure this is a business you’ll really enjoy.

    Lot’s of research!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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