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    im going to say upfront that I have been in hospitality a long time, and that ive owned a restaurant before,

    with a a la carte restaurant, you know your margins on food, so you know roughly how much your profit/loss is, based on sales

    I went to a buffet restaurant last night, and wondered

    is there a magical formula or % margin that buffets operate on, or an average???

    I saw at the end of the night heaps of food left over, and wondered what they do with it, I doubt 50% of it you’d be able to reuse/resell. The wastage must be huge

    I see customers pile up on the expesnive stuff, eg meat and seafood

    I guess if you got a restuarant full of skinny girls youd be happy, as opposed to a restaurant full of early 20s wrestlers, you might as well apply for the dole straight away

    just curious!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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