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    relentless, post: 5670 wrote:
    too small for me.
    Yeah, 1.2 million potential customers is too small for me too :P
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    Hi all,

    My name is Eden and as you can see im a Hire A Hubby (home handyman/property maintenance and restricted builder)

    It has been an interesting 18 months but very rewarding and i would not have it any other way.

    I have just picked up a second area and I am starting to employ/sub contract work out in the last month.

    I Am Adelaide born and have spent quite a few childhood years in and around the iron triangle but now live next to Semaphore and love the western suburbs with a passion.

    My franchise areas cover from Largs Bay and run to Woodville Park and Beverley, so i am a very busy little Vegimite and love the pressure and sense of urgency that this creates.

    SA has always been good to me and I see myself spending the rest of my working life here (8 years if possible)

    There is just something special about living in this little country town of mine,,,oops ours

    cheers Eden

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    Hi all,
    Im a South Aussie too
    Despite spending 10 years in the NT, I still think SA is a great place to live & work.

    Ive been involved in IT before it was an “industry” and enjoy the rate of change which brings interesting new challenges and opportunities.

    Internet marketing came from the fusion of a technical background; years in various sales roles and a lateral mind.

    The best part of my job: Giving business presentations on internet marketing.

    Name: Peter Cornish
    Location: Bellevue Heights (near Flinders Uni)
    Business name: Succinct Ideas
    Category: Internet marketing
    Description: Help businesses improve the sales effectiveness of their website
    Website: http://www.succinctideas.com.au
    Blog: http://theinternetmarketer.com.au

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    Hi Eden
    A fellow Adelaide – Western Suburbs member! Welcome to our SA group. You never know I might need a bit of a hand in Henley Beach

    Hi Pete
    Also to you a warm welcome to our SA group. Nice area too, Bellevue Heights

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    Hi all!
    I’m a recently converted Victorian! I worked up on the coasts of the Fleurieu Peninsula and never went home! I absolutely love it here. South Australia has this amazing ‘quality of life’ feel you just cant find in the hustle n bustle of Melbourne.

    Name: Adam Hacking
    Location: Somerton Park
    Business name: Expanded Graphics
    Category: Graphic / Web Design
    What we do:
    – Graphic Design: Corporate Identity, Branding, Brochures, Business Cards, Flyers, etc
    – Web Design
    – Signage & Vehicle Graphics
    – Large Format Printing, Pullup Banners & Tradeshow Displays
    – Inhouse Digital Printing
    – Offset Prepress Printing

    Kind regards,

    Adam Hacking (BVA GD/MM)
    m: 0434 032 432
    p: (08) 8376 7877
    e: ah@expandedgraphics.com.au
    w: http://www.expandedgraphics.com.au

    Spotless Detailers
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    Hi All,

    Hope you don’t mind me joining in. I am an Adelaidian – based in the CBD and my husband and I run a professional car detailing business from our workshop just of Gouger Street.

    Name: Elle Taylor
    Location: Adelaide
    Business name: Spotless Professional Automotive Detailers
    Category: Car Detailing/Automotive Services
    Description: We run a car detailing business specialising in pre-sale details and maintenance of prestige vehicles.

    Look forward to hearing from you all soon!

    Adam Randall
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    Surely it must be time for a formalised get together?

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    Evening all

    Also living back in SA although have travelled and worked in QLD and Sydney for 8 years … now down at the Bay.

    Good to read some of the posts already and as a new member I hope to provide any help or advice I can and learn from others considering the various fields we operate in…it should be great.

    See Adam is very keen for a meetup……..I hear Glenelg is a good spot…lol.

    Business: Ezy Capital
    Where: Glenelg
    What we do: peer to peer social lending online , my profile will explain further.
    But quick explaination is the website allows people to borrow money form others without the banks intervention. Anyone sick of the banks?

    Anyway welcome to you all and hope I can be a good contributor here.

    Felicity Evans
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    Hello Everyone,
    I am a born and bred South Australian and fiercely proud of it! I have been searching for a true networking group in the area and am very excited at the prospect of meeting like-minded solo-entrepreneurs. We have 2 small businesses run from our home office in totally different business sectors and it certainly makes dinner time conversations interesting.

    About me:
    My Name: Felicity Evans
    Business Name: Creative Minds
    Activity: Graphic Design, advertising, marketing and communications.
    Location: Blackwood

    About my husband’s business:
    Name: Dave Evans
    Business Name: Dave Will Do It
    Activity: Handyman and Maintenance Services
    Location: Blackwood but servicing anywhere!

    Give me a time and date I’ll be there!


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    Hi all

    I’m another ring-in – moved from Melbourne about 5 years ago to the lovely Adelaide Hills. Love it here. I have two young children and am in the process of establishing my business here (it’s a bit like starting all over again).

    Name: Kathryn Bothe
    Location: Uraidla (Adelaide Hills)
    Business name: Kreative Wisdom
    Category: Editing, proofreading & event management/coordination

    Have completed a number of different editing projects through PIRSA and I also coordinate the Meadows Country Fair.

    Would also love to establish working relationships with designers, etc, which was something very successfully undertaken while working in Melbourne. While in Melbourne I also coordinated annual reporting for a large mining company; edited annual reports for many and varied businesses within the health sector, a logistics company and edited my sister’s PhD!

    Kathryn Bothe
    Kreative Wisdom

    Jewelry Man
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    I was born and bred in South Australia first living at Croydon Park but later in life moving to a small country town. I run an online jewellery store just for men and look forward to discussing business ideas with you all.

    BRE Pro Service
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    G’day everyone!

    Im yet another Adeladian who’s also a new soloist!:P

    I was born in Mt Gambier and moved to Adelaide and recently started my own business (still within the first 12mths, but mainly still here!)

    My business is called BRE Pro Service and I service and repair all office machinery, copiers, printers, faxes, micrographics, laminators, shredders – basically if you can put paper through it i can repair it, or sell you another:)

    I also provide an office machine consultancy service – If your having trouble deciding which machine suits your office then give me a call and i can help before you spend your cash on a machine that a salesman recommends.

    Based from Seacombe Heights curently – all my servicing happens onsite all over adelaide – from lonsdale to elizabeth.

    Would love to be involved in a flying solo networking meeting and meeting you all!



    Name: Brad Earl
    Location: Seacombe Heights, Adelaide
    Business name: BRE PRO SERVICE
    Category: Office Machine service, repairs, sales
    Description: Servicing,repairing and selling all makes and models of office machinery. Consultancy service also available to help when deciding which machine suits your needs.

    Jewelry Man
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    Hi There

    I am trying to find a computer techo that can install and maintain a workplace server. Do any of you have any contacts in that field. The office that requires the new server is located in Gawler so it would have to be someone handy to that area. We require a Windows based server that can handle at least 20 PC logins and 5 printers. Would appreciate if you have any contacts in this field.

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    Hi fellow SAers :)

    I’ve lived in good ol’ SA all my life. I’ve been self employed in the pet industry since 1996, and until 2 years ago I ran my own preservative-free pet food shop … and now I’m hoping to be able to get it back . Here’s the link to my thread so you’re up to date with the drama :)

    I’d certainly be interested in catching up with other SA soloists :)


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    Hi all
    I am new to SA having moved to Adelaide from Newcastle earlier this year. SO far, we are loving it!!

    No, I dont have a footy team yet
    Doesnt matter what school I went to
    And I dont think Farmers Union Iced Coffee is heaps good


    I love Central Markets and Farmers Markets on a Sunday
    I love Aldinga Beach and especially Star of Greece cafe
    The Hills in Autumn rock
    Cibo is fast winning my heart as well

    Would love to attend a SA Flying Solo event

    By the way, has everyone registered on the LIONS of Adelaide group on LinkedIn – well worth it!

    Tim Callcott
    Business Coach
    Master License Owner – Icon Business Solutions
    Leeds United fan
    Father of 3 girls!!

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