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    If you have a business – either bricks or mortar – or purely online then you must work a three point strategy to get the major part of online sales leads that are available to you.
    Pretty well everything else is a distraction – including social media. (The social media part of online marketing is secondary to these main sources and does not warrant significant inputs until the primary requirements below are met.)

    So what are the primary requirements for an online business?
    I call this the Golden Triangle. Do it, and you will already be ahead of 80% of your competition!

    1. A self hosted website – that is properly set up with at least a few pages and the basics such as Contact, About and Privacy as well as a home page and products and services pages. Don’t allow your web designer to use their own content management system or resell hosting. Install Analytics and SEO Plugins.
    2. A pay per click campaign with Adwords and later Yahoo search marketing. If you can’t make this profitable then there is either something wrong with your website or the way your Adwords campaign is set up. Get an independent consultant to set up your Adwords campaign and to monitor and tune it, unless you are prepared to spend significant time, money and lost sales leads getting up to speed. If properly set up this should contribute about 40% of your sales leads from keywords where you rank in the top two or three. (If you don’t rank on the first page this will be the ONLY traffic you get.)
    3. An SEO program. Nowadays this is mainly about content on your website. You will need to create content related to products or services you want to rank well for organically, as well as getting basic on-site search engine optimsiation up to scratch. This is where a CMS such as WordPress really shines.

    Some people may take issue with Adwords being a mandatory part of the strategy if you are selling main-stream products or services. Here’s a few things people may not realise:

    • Adwords contributes valuable market intelligence,.such as what keywords people are actually using when they have a buying intention in your specific market, and what search keywords convert well
    • Adwords on a particular keyword will generally double your traffic even if you are already ranked number one for the keyword. This includes your own brand name.
    • If you can’t get traffic to your site to convert, then there is something wrong with your business or your site that must be fixed. Adwords traffic will fast-track this process.
    • Other forms of advertising – such as Facebook and directories are usually way more expensive per sales lead.

    In my experience (data link below) mainstream, mature businesses with high rankings for their most significant keywords and properly set up pay per click campaigns will get roughly 40% of their traffic from pay per click, 40% from organic search and 20% from other sources.

    If you have no pay per click campaign but are well ranked organically and have a properly set up website, you are losing at least 40% of your sales leads. This is relative to where you are with respect to your competitors at this point in time.

    As most businesses can improve SEO and site content it is no stretch of the imagination to envisage the percentage of “lost” sales leads as 50% or higher.

    If you are not ranked well and have no pay per click program then you are – nowhere.

    For more info and to look at some data check out my post on integrating seo and ppc/

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