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    I’ve recently purchased approx $1,600 worth of glass & bamboo products from Alibaba. All has been covered in the price including shipping and forwarder etc. This is my first time doing this so apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge… The supplier has informed me all I need to do is “handle customs and taxes”. What exactly does this entail? What do I need and does the supplier provide this information? Where do I lodge these forms? Any/all info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    You could try a search in the Logistics Forum.

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    Jason Ramage
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    How is it being shipped? what level of service?

    Docs are generally processed by the forwarder, as you indicate that the supplier has engaged someone.. Hopefully there will be no hidden overinflated pricing though…

    Docs will vary based on what you bought.. and should be investigated before shipping anything from another country, my advice aside from what you have asked above is to speak to a local freight forwarder – one that is independent to the supplier…

    Sounds like they have done this before, so no initial concerns are raised, it will possibly just be a bill from the forwarder with info about what duties and taxes you owe – hopefully…

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    Dash Freight
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    Hi Maddisondeni, this is a common practice by suppliers. It means you will need to engage a customs broker to lodge the application for import clearance on your behalf. That lodgement will generate an invoice for import duty and taxes, plus the admin fee from customs. You also need to pay the broker for their acting on your behalf. If the shipment is DAP, there may be no more else to pay. But if the shipment is DAT, you may also be responsible for port charges and delivery fees. I can arrange these and services clearances for you. Email me if you are interested

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