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    We’ve seen an escalation in the past 12mths of computer viruses, malware, and scams such as the phone scam targetting people from the phone book.

    People often tell us they are getting the same infection they had removed recently, particularly the so-called drive-by infection which injects a dropper and payload from popular websites such as fashion /clothing sites. We found that even after removing some of these rogue programs, the payload remained undected in a cache file on the computer and required manual removal.

    The reason we cannot rely on our antivirus alone to protect us is two fold. Rogue programs are not virus, but malicious code. And maliciousware and viruses today effectively target and shutdown antivirus from the major vendors.

    These programs and virus get onto your PC by user allowing the code (email links, Facebook links, and increasingly by website drive-bys). Drive-bys inject malicious code with no user interaction other than being there.

    You will find some valuable links on our computer service and virus removal Perth pages to alert you to current scams and techniques in a general sense, reporting and information. Also you will find a browser tool called ClearCloud which, once installed will check the DNS address of the site against a database and block access if the site is infected to help mitigate this type of threat vector.

    If you are doing internet banking you will a link to Trusteer’s effective anti-keylogging

    All the above programs are free with no catches.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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