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    You probably wont even notice/

    I;ll be away from my beloved computer and Shewhomustbe for a few weeks.

    I have been asked to attend a WoolSafe Conference at Kidderminster in the UK.

    Wacko I thought away over there all by myself, I could even have a good time.

    Why do people think older people need looking after, I’m only 71 almost 72 so it has been decided that my son should accompany me at his expense.

    Actually we can now share the costs, and he can do some of the driving and I can show him where I was born, where his ancesters lived and meet a few relies visit a few pubs.

    Then I can go to Kidderminster and do what I have to do. I may even be asked to say a few words, and somehow “Flying Solo” gets introduced. Lets face it carpet cleaners are often soloist or small business.

    The conference includes carpet cleaners, Chemical Manufactures, Carpet Manufacturers from all over the world and I will be representing Australia.

    So unless I get some free time and WiFi I will be AWOL until the end of October.

    So dont miss me when I’m gone

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    Wow, Burgo, what a great opportunity to head back to the Old Dart! I bet you’ll have an excellent time. Plus you can stock up on decent tea (sorry Australians) and Marmite while you’re there.

    Bon voyage and we’ll see you on your return.

    Sam on behalf of the FS gang

    The Rogue Counsellor
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    Hi Burgo,

    I’m a newbie and not much of a poster, but I am an avid reader and always enjoy your posts and take on life. I will definitely miss your input to FS while you are away and am hopeful you’ll find lots of wifi you can tap into.

    And I doubt that anyone thinks you need looking after :) Given you’re going to the UK to ‘look after’ the interests of your whole indutry for the whole of Australia I reckon your son is just looking for an excuse to come with you and hang out!

    Hope you have a great time Burgo, look forward to your posts when you get back (and the stories you are bound to share of your adventures).


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    They let me back into Australia without too much of a fight.
    Absolutly bloodyfabulous trip. Long flight there and a longer flight back and I wont be flying Emerates again as there service was pathetic.

    However I was able to mention Flying Solo to a number of Soloists and small business in England, so am hoping for an influx of interesting people.

    I attended a WoolSafe Directors meeting which was set for an hour and actually went for three. Me and my big mouth. I felt the Poms where a bit over awed by an Aussie thinking outside their normal square and suggesting things that should have happened years ago. Still they understood my wording even if I did sound very Australian.

    The conference was quite technical and then a Mould expert spoke. If you have Mould get an expert in to remove it as this stuff is very dangerous to your health. Had us all scared, because we come across mould all the time when cleaning.

    A couple of educational tours of the Carpet Museum seeing how it was done in the past and then visiting a modern factory to see how it is now done was fantastic. The production principle is the same only it is all computerised.

    When I work out how to get photos up I will post them.

    We visited the Space Station in Leicester, a boutique brewery ( still can get over flat beer) and visited a number of relies still there.

    I have even started talks with the main Carpet Cleaning Association in the UK to become involved with ICAN so that is exciting.

    Sorry Sam but I didn’t have a good cup of tea or coffee all the time I was there
    but then I like strong tea and coffee black.

    I made a few new friends in the industry and hopefully may entice them to become involved with Flying Solo.

    Actually I am rather glad my son Liam came with me because as you all know I am deaf but I could not hear at all for the first few days and he was able to negotiate some good deals, and yes he did enjoy himself. We became Leicester Tigers fans and were able to get in a couple of matches before having to leave.

    Now to get back to reality

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