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    Hi Guys,

    I have placed a small order with an overseas factory and final production samples will be arriving here by end of the month. My target customers will be Retailers and online stores.
    Can someone please suggest, if it’s necessary to barcode my products and what’s the best way to do it ?
    My overseas supplier is willing to do it there but i am unsure what RRP prices to be put on products as it is my 1st time.
    Any tips on cracking the market will be highly appreciated.
    Is door-to-door sales most effective or are there any better ways to reach the retailers quicker ?

    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

    Thanks n Regards,

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    If it is a small quantity and until you know for sure what you want on your barcode and if you will list a RRP, it is probably better to label them yourself after talking with customers. Without knowing the product I can’t really give any specific advice.

    In general though, if you are looking to sell to retail chains or wholesalers then you need to start looking into getting a registered barcode, for supermarkets and such then safest option is getting barcodes from GS1 https://www.gs1au.org/ but if you are doing multiple products it can get expensive for a small business. Alternatively you can look at other barcode sellers but you can run the risk of not meeting criteria for the large retailers.

    The barcode on the product has to be certified (meets specific scanning requirements) before some retailers will accept them. So if you need to do this, I wouldn’t go ahead and get barcodes printed on large quantities of products till a sample is certified.

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    Hi Brad,
    If you are going through retail channel, yes, you need barcode.
    GS1 is where you get barcode here.
    For RRP, you don’t have to put RRP on package, even if you need to, you can put stickers on, that will not be a big problem.
    Cracking market: it really depends on your products/services, that is how you are going to work out.
    Suggestions: try and error, list your potential market and go out to try and collect feedback, that might be the best way.

    Good luck

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    It really depends on where you’re hoping to get your products stocked.

    The large department store chains will not take any products without GS1 barcodes. GS1 were originally the only place you could purchase barcodes and they did (and still do) cost a small fortune, depending on how many products you have. When the market opened up, there were a large number of companies who purchased authentic barcodes for resale, and they are incredibly cheap.

    For example, it cost approx $600 for me to get one barcode with GS1, and I purchased 1000 of them in sequence for $50US. Turns out that none of the retailers who stocked my product needed a barcode, as they used their own product coding system.

    I would spend some time looking in the retail outlets you would like to be working with, and sneak a peek at their current stocks. If they have only barcodes starting with the number 9, then they will require GS1 barcodes. If they have barcodes starting with a 0, then a generic barcode will be fine. And they may not even use barcodes lol.

    There’s also a difference between buying and generating a barcode. You buy the right to use the numbers, and then you generate the image of the black bars with numbers underneath.

    Wendy :)

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