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    I’m just trying my luck asking on here because I’m actually having a really hard time finding the definite truth about offering teeth whitening in a new beauty salon. Here’s to hoping there might be someone else offering this service :). We’re looking at offering teeth whitening sessions with our LED light.

    I do know rules state that there is a maximum safe strength of whitening gel which we can use – that’s not the issue. But there seems to be some word of mouth talk that as a ‘non-dentist’ we cannot put our hands inside the clients mouth. So for an example like https://www.whitersmile.com.au/teeth-whitening-gel/prefilled-tray-individual which we are looking at, we would need the client to put the actual tray in their mouth themselves.

    I have spoken to some other salon owners who are offering this service and they ask the customer to put the tray in but they just do it because they were told to from basically word of mouth. I just don’t really understand the reasoning why we wouldn’t be allowed to do it ourselves. Again I know it’s a long shot asking on here but thought I would try my luck :). Or has anyone else had this service done on them and did you have to put the try in?

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    My sister owns a beauty salon that provides this service. Basically the gel solution is inserted into the mouth guard, and handed to the client. It is easier for the client to fit it into their mouths anyway, as only they will be able to fit and push in properly. So this would never be an issue. As long as you are using gloves (non latex if client has allergies)

    The solution she uses is the highest legal limit of peroxide + other solutions that a non-dentist is legally allowed to use. thus would be more important. Any other type of physical contact is authorised when the client signed our client consent form

    Besides this, I am also a St Johns first aid volunteer. I would hope that we are not required to be dentists when trying to save someone’s life by removing anything from their mouths that’s blocking their airway :p

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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