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    Had the Adelaide Bier Shop in operation for over a year now. Keen to get some insights into our site. I’m keen to hear about stuff like:
    – Ease of using the site
    – Layout (category/types of beer)
    – Product pages
    – Info that is shown (i.e. is it enough/ does it make you wnat to buy it?)
    – Ease of understanding of our litre requirements for ordering

    All info will be appreciated.

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    I love the wood touch…

    the photos look great, clean, modern, very good quality…

    I just don’t love the way the menu covers the image… a bit to big for me…

    Very cool ideas in the site
    The “Connoisseur Pack” seems like a perfect gift for any good mate.

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    Hi Anton,

    I think your site looks great – you’ve done a brilliant job!

    The only comment I have is that you could expand the ‘about us’ tab. Maybe a profile on you – your photo etc. People like to put a face to the name and know a bit about the business that they are purchasing from.

    Also, once you navigate to any of the sub-pages, ‘about us’ or ‘contact’ for example, there’s no easy way to get back to the ‘Home’ page. You need a tab up the top before ‘Browse type’ that is called ‘Home’ to allow visitors to get back to the home page.

    Apart from that, I think it’s great!

    Melissa Williscroft
    MJS Virtual Business Support

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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