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    JamesMillar, post: 271438, member: 5318 wrote:
    the other problem with feedback being used to shape decisions is making sure you get the right data from the right people. The common theory being that a disproportionate number of people go to the effort of complaining or leaving negative reviews as compared to those that are otherwise very happy with the product or service that don’t bother to leave that feedback. You would not want to change your business or process because …for example there were say 5 negative comments if the other 95 were positive and never bothered to offer the feedback. And public review sites (which this is not) are now being manipulated by competitors and in some cases cases of outright blackmail to damage reputation.

    Anyway, this platform does not have those issues but feedback used on decision making ….proceed with caution

    Businesses have told us they only use our feedback to make business decisions only when there is an overwhelming majority of feedback – the majority being at least a 50% survey response rate of at least 90% of their customer base.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Uniqueness – I’ve received feedback and overwhelmingly people are saying they love being able to provide strategic feedback and input instead of complaining about trivial things like how expensive my prices are compared to others. They also love the ease of the image selections and how each image represents a real business area.

    Sounds amazing and could be used for not only decision making but also for internal and external promotion.

    Lee Iacocca had Ford employees switch from asking if a customers new car was good to asking if they had the chance to show any of their neighbours and asked what the neighbours thought.

    Just switching some simple questions meant fewer complaints (a cost to the business) and more cars sold – to envious neighbours (more revenue).

    And the Telemarketers at Ford went from dealing with whiny people to happy people.

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    BeOurCEO, post: 271414, member: 119688 wrote:
    Hi Everyone,

    (I’m new here so please be kind :))

    My co-founder and I have just launched a new startup BeOurCEO.com.

    Would like to know if business owners find it offensive?


    The url doesn’t work for me

    I get this from chrome
    This site can’t be reached
    Check if there is a typo in http://www.beourceo.com.

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    Seems the site has disappeared and the domain name been deleted… wonder what that was really about??

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