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    Hi I use Skype and VOIP to receive and make most of my calls. Im on 100/100mbit so there is no worries on the data end.

    What is the best phone solution that is either stand alone with a wired ethernet connection or USB?

    I currently use my latest macbook and its noise canceling mic is good but I find myself leaning into the mic when I speak. I really want more of a traditional pickup and talk phone.

    Would look at a headset as well, I’m pretty sure I have bluetooth on here.

    No worries on price, I would spend up to $500 if needed but dont want to waste money

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    for an actual SIP-based service (but not skype) – the hundreds of thousands of Cisco SPA504G phones used by businesses large and small all over the world can’t go wrong. You could probably even get a 502G instead.

    Both are ethernet-wired phones and require SIP Configuration. It tentatively looks like they could do the job if you have a Skype Business account , however even skype support aren’t specifically saying yes. It might take some juggling around to get it to work. Probably wouldn’t recommend it unless you were keen on making it work :)

    If I could argue the budget, I’d be really interested in something like the Plantronics Savi 700 – can be used with corded phone, mobile phone and computer from one base set. It’s far further up the budget line though

    Personally, I’ve got a Microsoft LiveChat LX6000 usb wired headset. I use it with Skype and Lync. From memory, it was less than $100.

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    I would go a SNOM IP phone.
    From all the phones I’ve tested and used they are hands down the best.

    But “best” of course is all relative.
    My best = features, future proofing, sound quality, build quality and local support.

    I used to use software phones, but I prefer physical phones for many reasons, but the most important reason if my computer is having issues or not switched on then the physical phone still works fine.

    Please note while you have awesome internet, the sound quality depends on three factors which are more important than internet speed:
    1) Internet quality – measured by jitter and packetloss your network is susceptible to.
    2) Your VoIP provider.
    3) The quality of the phone the person you are calling is using.

    1 and 2 are in your control as it based on who you decide to use.
    3 is out of your control.

    For cordless headsets I would avoid blue tooth and go for a DECT one like the plantronics CS540.

    Also not to use the “tap to pick up a call” feature on the cordless headset you will need an adapter.

    If you need any more help please let me know.
    I can assist you in all aspects.
    I will of course recommend MondoTalk as your VoIP provider as that my company.

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    you may buy a cisco ip phone for small businesses for a bit over $100.00 which can be used direclty with your voip service or if you need to use skype you can setup the sip account with skype for some extra fees can’t remember how much but won’t cost a lot.

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