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    Hi All,

    I manage an educational business where we teach non-finance people Accounting and Finance literacy. We do this online over 2 half day sessions. The program has been around since 2010, educated 20k people across 500 businesses. Its now running in Australia and I’m trying to get some doors open for people to see it. It not your typical finance for non-finance managers program. We use color to illustrate concepts and use a digital training toolkit that simulates the accounting treatment of business transactions.

    Question I have is: What is the most effective way to get people to say YES to attend a quick online demo of the training program?

    I have tried prospecting through LinkedIn but people tend to think of as yet another finance and accounting literacy program which it is not.

    For those interested to check what we do and how here is the link – https://educatio.com.au/

    Thanks for the help.


    Dave – FS Concierge
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    Welcome aboard the forums Arno!

    A couple of thoughts…
    -What worked before (what made 20,000 people say yes in the past)?
    -Who specifically is this for? Which particular roles in which industries will benefit the most, and are struggling the most from not knowing what you’ll teach them? Trying to sell a generic finance course generally isn’t going to strike a chord with an individual. But build a case for why this course is the key to their next promotion/profits, and you’ll do better. Again, the answer here is to document your PAST customers. See who you’ve helped, and use their success to sell to people exactly like them.
    –If you can, interview or survey past students and ask them why they said yes to doing the course.

    In summary, the answers are in your data. Use those answers to sell to the specific customer types that matter (with a non-generic pitch).

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    Hi, I quite like the idea of the training and some of the key points are great.

    Website Feedback
    This one you could highlight: Our course gets your staff financially literate in just 8 hours. (Except change the word ‘gets’; it doesn’t sound so nice.)

    Generally, I find it too hard to read centred text when there is a lot of it. Also, a confused mind makes no decisions… so always make it easy find the points of interest on your website (particular courses). Do this with related pictures and simple wording.

    You may be going about this wrong and I believe LinkedIn could be a great source of generating interest and later, demos. Have you seen that Neil Patel is offering a free course on strategic alliances through LinkedIn, catering to business owners. (Neil is a famous digital marketing guru).

    Once people know the pressure is off them and it is about just having a look with a view to recommend it, it is a much easier ask.

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    Great idea. You should target non-profit boards as they struggle with financial literacy amongst board members.
    Getting a persons time is hard especially at the moment, I’m doing something similar at the moment with a SaaS product for digital publishing and we’ve had these discussions internally.
    We’re thinking of doing an intro (overview) style video so people can see the offering before committing 30 minutes of their time for something they’re not 100% sure of. We’re hoping the video takes them from lukewarm to warm.
    We’ve been using LinkedIn too, limited success but better than email campaigns.

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    Thanks for sharing a nice idea.

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    I have seen this one before. They have a free version that you can use, however it does not do credit cards. You have to pay for that.

    There are many online services that can help you do this. I have not seen any free ones. I have seen some premade PHP scripts like this on hotscripts.com or similar before. They lack some of the features you would be looking for, however.

    That seems like a fun project to code. Grab your favorite framework if you don’t want to do it from scratch, and get going! The difficult part might be the “automated” part.

    I am having trouble wondering why your client doesn’t want some level of control over the appointment scheduler. Perhaps they are too busy.

    I am not sure if PHP will ever replace a good old-fashioned secretary.

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