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    Any bookkeepers on here, I need some advice.
    As a subcontractor do you charge for travel time to clients? If so, do you charge just for travel to the job?
    Would love to get lots of replies!

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    We have charged for travellling – depending on the job and the client.

    If a business owner wants us to travel to their premises during the time that we could be working on another client from our office then why should we miss out on those billable hours?

    We always advise the client at the outset that we’ll need to charge travelling time – then it’s upto them whether or not they want to pay for that time.

    With regular clients we’ll travel no more than approx 15 minutes each way – and we have a minimum call out time – this prevents clients in an “URGENT PANIC” needing a bookkeeper to rush over and see them for a simple 5-10 minute job – unless they want to pay the premium for that urgency

    It’s all part of how you’ve worked out your fee structure – this video may help

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    Thanks so much for that beancounter.
    That is how I see it too. And a minimum call out fee is a great idea.

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    Hi PetaJ,

    I hope you dont mind me chiming in, as I am not a book keeper.

    I think charging for travelling is fine, as long as you have enough business to fill the time up. What you risk is limiting yourself by geographic location.

    My advice would be that if a client is a new client, include some free travel until such time that you could effectively do the work from home, and then offer the choice. That way, you are not missing out on potential new customers, and eventually you will get a good balance.

    Overall, I agree that if someone wants you to attend their office, they should pay for travel.



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    Great advice, thanks AgentMail.

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    I would also suggest charging for travelling time, after the initial setup and consultations, but making it clear within your policies and materials you give to the client on sign-up that you do charge so they don’t get any suprises.

    If you put a value on your time and show your client you believe you are worth enough to charge for your time and not give it away free, they will have more confidence in you, which will probably mean they are more satisfied and possibly allow you to increase charges in time. Give your time away free and it makes you look cheap.

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