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    Budget Friendly Ideas For Marketing Your Business
    – guest blogging
    This is a quicker alternative to starting your own blog which can take a while to take off. the reason why this works is because of the win-win scenario for you and the blog owner – if you’re starting this new product, chances are, you have some unique insight into the problem that is likely to be very beneficial to your target customers -> write a blog about it!
    – online communities & review websites
    BetaList – a place to share beta stage IT startup with the world and get early user feedback
    InnMind – a directory for innovative startups: gives you wide promotion opportunities (they also can write a post about your startup) and access to the target investors
    Crunch Base – a place to submit your startup profile and follow others
    AngelList – a place to pitch for investors and to hire employees
    Startup Beat – a pitchdesk for early stage startups
    Killer Startups – an another pitch desk, but without stage limitations
    The Startup Pitch – and one more platform to pitch your startup or application
    SignUp First – a place to get early adopters in exchange of exclusive deals
    Founderdating – a place to find co-founders, team members or like-minded professionals
    Breakpoint – a place to share and receive feedback on your side projects and startups
    YourStory – a platform to tell your startup story and promote it on the internet.
    /Startups – a largest reddit community of startups, a good place to list your project, ask advice and find early adopters
    I Am Wire – a place to submit the digital startup and share your story
    F6S – a platform to submit your startup and apply for acceleration programs
    Startup Blink – a global map of startups, where you can submit your startup and pin your location
    Submit.co – a place to get press coverage for your startup
    Transparent startups – a place to submit and discover startups with transparent revenue numbers
    – referral program
    this is a no brainer. referral programs have shown time and time again to be extremely powerful. biggest benefit in my mind is that user referrals tend to run orthogonal to your traditional outreach/inbound channels: i.e. they’re able to drastically expand your reach beyond what your outreach channels can penetrate. I’ve helped 26 Y Combinator startups launch referral programs – if you’re looking to launch one, let’s find a time to chat! https://calendly.com/ijan-1/30min. I’ll share what I learned about what works and what doesn’t
    – social media
    I’m not talking about Social Media Marketing, I’m talking about selling to your friends. Posting regularly on your social media, making your friends aware you are providing this service, is extremely powerful.

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