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    Michelle M
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    Hi everyone!!

    I’m Michelle, a single mum of two little girls in Perth, and I have TAKEN THE PLUNGE and started a brand new business from scratch.

    I was a teacher prior to having my girls and have now found exactly where I’m meant to be. :) In October 2014 I started designing resources to help me at home with the girls when I was struggling to stay afloat. Quickly I saw interest in what I had made for myself and in the blink of an eye, MagneTricks was born!

    I make magnets designed to help parents engage positively with their children and maintain their home (and sanity ;)). There has also been a large demand for me to design clever magnetic teaching resources. I really enjoy designing and making magnets for people but I have A LOT to learn about business!!

    I participated in the NEIS training and have a Cert IV in small business management which helped me immensely! I’ve come so far but still have a very long way to go.

    Just in case you’re wondering what on Earth I make, here’s a pic of some of my creations

    I’m REALLY interested in learning about how I can help my business grow and establish/maintain relationships with customers and wholesalers.

    I also want to ensure I have my eyes set on big goals and consider business models/systems that can help me get there.

    I need to learn how to streamline some of my processes – including social media promotion, newsletters, blogging, spending time on other promotion methods, etc.

    I’m also interested in learning how to do things on a TINY budget – I have very limited funds to throw around and am very hesitant about ‘spending money to make money’.

    Thanks for reading everyone :) xx

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    Welcome Michelle. I’ll look forward to your posts on social media and newsletters and might be able to help there. Your magnets look interesting. Loved magnets as a kid. Still do! :) Love your business byline.

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    Do you have a brochure that can be given to pre schools kindergartens maternity wards.
    Looks like you have a winning product, now to get the marketing right and you have the makings of a winning business
    I’m sure our marketing guys and gals will want to help

    Dave Gillen – FS Concierge
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    Welcome aboard Michelle, and congrats on taking the leap into business!

    It sounds like you might have a lot of questions on a range of topics, which can feel a bit overwhelming, so I’d say have a think about what one thing is holding you back right at this moment (suppliers, getting customers, managing your workload, or whatever) and ask that question in a new thread so you can take a definite step forward.

    If your budget is tiny, then you probably need customers more than anything. In general I’d suggest to start with you do less of the stuff that you hope the right people will see (e.g. blogging), and do more hunting down of the right people and personally making sure they know about you by phone or email or in person.

    Good luck, and fire away with any questions. :)


    Dave Gillen - Client Acquisition | Brisbane | (07) 3180 0288
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    Congrats on taking the plunge! It’s certainly rewarding, especially when you start with a small budget and slowly grow it organically..

    Some feedback for you on the website, I’d work on cleaning it up as it’s a mish mash of colours and typefaces, makes it quite hard to navigate. I’m sure there will be heaps of folks on this forum who will be willing to help there (myself included!)

    Good luck!

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    Hi Michelle,

    Great that you have found what you really want to do. My advice would be to outsource as many of your non-core activities as possible and focus on the key strategic tasks to take your business forward.

    Building a business on a small budget can be difficult however you need to test out a variety of ways to bring in customers. Once you find one that works then do some A/B testing to fine tune that method.

    Good luck with it all.

    Michelle M
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback/support/encouragement/advice thus far! I’m very keen to learn as much as I can and make this business of mine something incredible. I look forward to asking questions and engaging with people in this forum.

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