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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Michael and I am looking to set up a business with a friend providing engineering consulting and product development. Disciplines would be electronic, electrical, mechanical and software.
    Initially looking at a partnership, although I am still investigating options, operational costs,
    We both would still have full time employment outside of this business. Initial jobs would actually be for my full time place of employment where we require specialised hardware which is unavailable in the marketplace.
    Challenges here are definitely going to be indemnity, insurance and company structure. Also due to the probability that the income sources will be sporadic, accounting and cost minimisation will be important issues.

    Another facet of me signing up to this forum, is that a tight knit group of friends and I want to buy a minibus and set up some type of club/association. The whole idea is for us to fart around on road trips around Australia. Funding would be by a weekly fee.
    We hope to eventually incorporate to protect the members from liability for the vehicle’s ownership, registration, insurance, maintenance etc.
    I would set it up based on the model rules as per http://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/clubs-and-not-for-profits/incorporated-associations/running-an-incorporated-association/rules#model-rules and if we decided to incorporate, it would be a simpler task transitioning.
    Still researching this one, but already on the hunt for a dodgey (it’s an actual requirement) yet functional minibus.

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    G’day Michael,

    Both those ventures sound pretty exciting to me – although since I don’t have any mechanical nouse whatsoever, there’s no way you’d find me in the dodgy minibus!

    I hope you pick up some handy advice here to help you on your way.

    Have fun with it all, and welcome aboard :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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