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    I agree that purely descriptive domain/business names are a bit naff. I always tend to assume it is yet another overseas factory churning out high volume low quality product or some hands-off dropshipper, rather than a real-world business.

    I love LEDballoon as a business name, but I’d also be wary of tying yourself to a technology – technology changes so fast, LEDs are all the rage right now but could easily be displaced in another couple of years if somebody stumbles on a better way to produce light.

    I’d focus on the core of what you actually plan to offer – if it’s illuminated signs, then work with that – maybe Light My Name, Show Me Signs, Punchy Pixels etc etc. You can easily assure buyers that you are the king of LED signs in your byline or copy, you don’t necessarily need to have it in your company name.

    Mahdi Danesh
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    Thank you FreeBeer for shedding light on this LED related topic and your brilliant ideas about the name. I definitely use your suggestion.

    Actually the products (and services) I plan to offer are digital LED displays (ranges from big advertising billboard LED displays to small single-color scrolling text LED board behind the window), normally called LED Sign because mostly used as a sign or for advertisement. But you right, they are a kind of illuminated sign anyway. And probably stay long time in the market.
    I also agree with you that it is nice not to being limited to a technology or a very narrow field.

    Anyone have another idea for a name for LED Display/Sign company with an online store for small display/Sign and also offering some services and solutions for bigger size?

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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