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    Your feedback on Business Growth College/Program

    Because of various requests, I’m considering running the Executive Wisdom Business College™ in April or May on the east coast (either Sydney or Brisbane/Gold Coast).

    I have some ideas about it:

    1. 2.5 – 3.5 days
    2. Interactions with experts in law, finance, IT, advertising, and alike
    3. A session with a PR firm
    4. Advanced strategic work with me
    5. Role plays on dealing with clients, suppliers and staff
    6. Work on winning proposal writing techniques
    7. Understanding conceptual agreement for improving sales
    8. Business building techniques in these tough times, etc.
    9. Getting from $0 – $250,000 quickly
    10. Cracking $500,000 per annum barrier

    But before I go much farther, I figured hey, why not ask the people who might attend?!

    What are your favoured dates in April/May?
    What duration would you prefer?
    What topics/interactions would you prefer?
    What location (oh, boy) would you prefer?
    What amenities, socialisation, recreation would you prefer?
    Most importantly: At this stage of your career and after finishing the College, what would you like to walk away with in terms of results and improvements?
    Are you unable to come, don’t know if you’ll come, likely to come?
    Have clients or colleagues you would recommend attend the College?

    I’m confident I can plan a dynamic program.
    I can’t guarantee I can accommodate all your suggestions.
    But I DO want to know what’s on your mind. Because it’s people like you who have made my previous programs and the College successful.

    My plan is to charge a single fee, period. And, you would arrange your own accommodation to the standard of your preference. Some like the Executive Suite whilst others prefer to minimise room costs. I assume about 15-20 will come, though I’d run it with 10. I don’t know what the fee will be since I don’t know the answers to the questions above, but it will be modestly priced, around the same as the previous Colleges at about $2,500 – $4,000 which will include all learning materials, costs of outside experts to address the College, the formal group dinner, all lunches and morning & afternoon tea catering.

    Thanks for thinking about this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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