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    Steph N
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    Hello Everyone,
    I’m a registered BAS Agent whom is in the process of launching my own bookkeeping business. Despite extensive online research of the topic, brainstorming, etc. I am struggling to decide upon a ‘final’ business trading name for registration. I am kindly requesting for some feedback / suggestion please from the Flying Solo business community.

    My Business: Bookkeeping and Office Administration Services
    Delivery: Mobile (On Site and Off Site) I.e. Lots of travelling
    My Market: Small to Medium Enterprise
    Service Area: Rural, Regional & Remote Districts of Qld, NSW, NT & SA (Border Areas)
    Speciality: Agribusiness (But not limited to)

    Entity structure will be a Company; After checking ASIC and Domain availability I propose:
    “The Rural Bookkeeper” Pty Ltd
    “Rural Bookkeeping Co” Pty Ltd

    Thoughts? Would you search online for ‘bookkeeper’ or ‘bookkeeping’?

    With naming suggestions I do not wish to use my personal name or initials or have reference to a geographical location (I.e. Town or State) because the area I intend to service is so large and diverse. I am receiving plenty of customer interest so am confident there is sufficient market/future growth for my ‘niche’ in rural bookkeeping.

    However my concerns are:
    – Should a business name start with ‘The’?
    – Does ‘The Rural Bookkeeper’ name sound condescending?
    – Are both suggestions too narrow or literal?

    All comments are welcome! Many thanks, Steph

    Divert To Mobile
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    Hi Steph,

    Lately Ive noticed a bit of extra work flowing around for freelance admins, there are a lot of micro business owners who need a little help with the office.
    I suggest you include bookkeeping in the name but include the office administration services, for example
    Rural Bookkeeping and Office Admin.


    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Name it for what it is – the choices you have come to make it very clear around what you do and that is a very good strategy IMO.

    Alternatively, you could try something like RRR Bookkeeping with a tagline Rural, Regional, Remote or something of that nature.

    Using “The” is not condescending to me.

    People will search for both ‘bookkeeper’ or ‘bookkeeping’ – just have both covered in your SEO.

    Sounds like you will hit the ground running.

    Good luck and see you around the Forums!

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    Both your suggestions sound fine to me too.

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    “The Rural Bookkeeper” Pty Ltd – I’d – Googling ‘The rural bookkeeper’ comes up with a bookkeeping business in Tassie. Whilst not your immediate market, it could confuse people looking for your service.
    “Rural Bookkeeping Co” Pty Ltd – Googling ‘Rural bookkeeping co’ has no direct competition in Australia, at least on the first page of google.

    Both are good options which clearly communicate to your target market exactly what you do.

    Steve’s suggestion certainly has good merit, but you need to be careful regarding your business names names’ length. Possibly trading under one of the above options (as, I imagine, your primary and preferred service) and heavily promoting your office admin services may be more suitable. e.g. “Rural Bookeeping Co – Rural, Regional & Remote Bookkeeping and Office Administration Services”

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    I would go with The Rural Bookkeeper. It seems to appeal more to me as your clients live in the country and in my experience prefer a friendlier less city like professional approach (e.g. a banker visiting a farmer in a $2000 suit or jeans and tidy flannelette). Rural Bookkeeping Co may be a little too professional.

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