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    Hi all, we have an auto & marine trimming business ,we have been trading under a business name for a few years now but are wanting to shift our focus the name uses the words auto & marine in it , but we are trying to focus more on the marine side which the new name reflects more .
    however with recent events and the fact that more people contact us on our old name via google places etc , im not sure how to transition without causing confusion or a loss of clients answering with the new name .

    part of me with the recent events of the virus am inclined to keep old name going as well to keep the work coming in , however i only want the one website and phone number

    any suggestions welcomed

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    eightknots, post: 269026, member: 116784 wrote:
    however i only want the one website and phone number

    any suggestions welcomed
    Just put a redirect on the old website, so it sends them to the new one if they type the old URL.

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    Hi Bert , yes i have already done that for the website , and the google presence will grow the longer the business is up there , i think i may have to get a prepaid to direct calls from one of the businesses so i answer with correct name so it doesn’t confuse people

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    [USER=117204]@Wozza[/USER] might be able to help.

    [USER=38207]@Greg_M[/USER] have you had experience here?

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    I might be missing something here, but have you actually changed your domain name as well, or just the business name?

    If the domain name is the same you should be able to edit Google places and put in all the detail you want.

    If it’s a new domain it doesn’t matter, you’re starting from scratch anyway so far as Googles concerned.

    On the phone thing, you may be able to do it with an app…I mentioned in another post “Twillio” as a possibility for a similar request…you’ll need to look in your phones app store and search Twillio, you’ll get quite a few apps that re package their service (phone numbers, SMS etc). as a stand alone app.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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