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    Not sure this is the right page in the forum, but I would like to talk to individuals about a business partnership opportunity. Little or no investment is required, just time and task management skills.

    I am looking for a business partner to run the operational side of a start up, Australian based, business / task outsourcing business. This would involve dealing with clients and having oversight of work being performed by staff/contractors.

    Why the deal?
    I am currently involved in another two businesses (plus f/t employed) and would normally wait to have more time to start this one off, however I believe we have hit a turning point in how work and tasks are performed and handled in Australia and I don’t believe I can really wait another 6 months to get this off the ground. Basically I am tied up and so would rather hand off a slice of the business and get a good team player in.

    I know this is a growing market with a few players already in place, however the rate and extent at which this will be standard practice (in the future) in most sectors means there is (IMHO) enough room at this stage for a few more early providers. Alos this sector will likely see some specialists firms form… Also I have noticed that some Oz outsourcing/ VA firms are either shockingly badly presented or unrealistically priced.

    My strategy will utilise both Australian (metro and regional) and overseas staff members. Basically we will offer on-shoring (Australia), near-shoring (NZ) and off shoring (UK, US, etc). No service industry is immune to outsourcing and it is happening not only in design, business and SEO marketing areas but in ‘higher’ educated areas such as law, architecture and certain health areas. I am not suggesting offering a slap dash, cheapo service, not at all, however admin heavy tasks can be outsourced freeing up domestic firms to offer higher value services to their clients.

    I have a business plan in place and a website ready to go but I need a business partner to do the day to day component. For this I am willing to give a percentage of the business. Will this make you a millionaire over night? Probably not. Could it pay the bills ? I hope so. Also, so I am clear, this is not a salary paying role, (at least not in the beginning) so you are going to require some form of other income to keep you solvent for the time being.

    Business partner skills/ Requirements
    Strong project & planning focus, good client management skills, easy going, fun, stamina, a possible design background, be well versed in of Skype/ SIP, be a ‘plate spinner/ cat herder’, can operate in different time zones, can planning for contingency, can be 2x steps ahead … sourcing and management of contractors… can speak Filipino / Tagalog (beneficial.) above all, ETHICAL.

    Business partner background
    Some of my thoughts (doesn’t have to be from this list) – maybe a NSW/VIC based VA looking to expand, maybe a production intern, a recruiter, a recent graduate in Commerce or marketing not looking for the 9-5 treadmill… at least for a while. Am pretty open though.

    What about you…
    I am ex-Accountant (with a marketing qual) who moved from Investment Banking into Commercial Management in the IP/Telecom & then Infrastructure sectors. I am British but am a Australia Resident living in Sydney who has run businesses in the past.

    Anyhow if this is something you would be interested in discussing, send me an email with a small CV (please) and a brief summary of what you want to do and why this might be good for you.

    Look forward to hearing from you.



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    Hi John,

    I would be interested in knowing more about this opportunity. May I request you to provide me with your email so that I can send my CV across? Thanks

    With regards


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