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    Here’s the deal in summary: I will build high quality sites in various niches (tradie type industries) and then rank them to top 3 in Google – generating leads and customers. I need someone to liaison with Business owners that offer these tradesman services and work out deals where we will receive a % of payment from each job we bring in.

    My background is in Design/SEO/IM and I currently manage a Digital Agency. 2013 is a new year with new business opportunities and I’m here to cash in on something I believe can be managed and deployed very efficiently.

    What I’m looking for is someone with good sales and management skills/experience that can run the system, handling deals with these service providers and managing commissions/fees.

    I will handle all of the web side of things and will build + rank sites to the top of google and handle all the lead generation. These sites will rank for whatever industries are most profitable without long term service time frames (IE – carpet installation vs renovating)

    You will be provided with daily leads for each business we are liaising with and you will handle the management/internal conversions of each lead + lead tracking to ensure we are paid for each converted lead.

    Predicted revenue will vary by the industries we decide to liaison with, however we can comfortably charge 10-20% of the job value in return for the client provision initially. You can do the maths..

    I’m located in Melbourne, but more then happy to work with anyone here in Australia.

    So you like what you’re hearing? Get in touch with me and run me down with some info on your past experience/KPI’s/Availability etc and we can take it from there.

    Skype/LinkedIn is in my profile, and you can PM me for my email or Google my Username and email me there.

    Look forward to earning big with you!

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