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    Hi I would really love some advice or some of you to share your knowledge with me regarding purchasing a property for possible mixed use.

    The property is ideal – has a dedicated front office, sheds required, yard area + a 3 bedroom residence which most likely we would reside in. The area is light industrial zone.

    Need to sensibly look at the pro’s and con’s of buying a business premises in this situation?

    [*]We would have to add GST onto the purchase price if purchasing as a business premises.
    [*]We would require finance so am unsure what ‘type’ of loan would be best. Or of the banks lending criteria.
    [*]We have a family discretionary trust with a corporate trustee.Unsure of what exemptions we could claim also.

    Would like to get some knowledge on this before even considering or chatting with my accountant. Appreciate any advice, thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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