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    MD Clean

    So I was reading and article in the SMH and who should be quoted but none other that Byron.

    I thought, good job Byron.

    And yesterday, I checked out his site – since I was last there, he has added some great and really relevant case studies.

    So I thought, really good job Byron.

    And just now, I am on FB and whose ad catches my eye? Byron’s ad.

    And I thought – Byron, enough is enough;)

    I always look forward to Byron’s input on the forum because I can rely on him to provide quality and reliable advice and he take a lot of time to provide detailed responses to new members.

    And in my opinion, Byron asks the best, most insightful questions on the Forums

    Just wish he would get out of my face now!


    Haha, thanks so much Paul for the kind words. I’m not sure if I should respond to this because I don’t want to be in your face anymore ;-)

    I actually had to double check what I was seeing this morning when I saw a forum post labelled “Byron Trzeciak Is In My Face – In A Good Way!”.

    I thought to myself, “wow Byron you really need to stop waking up so early you’re starting to hallucinate and see things”, so I really appreciate the kind words.

    In terms of this strategy I’ve actually got a Flying Solo contributer post coming up over the next few days which will discuss much of the strategy you’ve highlighted above if anyone is keen to learn.

    Again Paul, thank you and I really respect your input on the forums too.

    MD Clean

    Hi Byron,

    I look forward to the contributor post because I remember seeing your site about 12 months ago and I can remember thinking that it was all a bit over my head.

    I know that everywhere you look these days, everybody says create great content but not many know how to do it.

    The way you have gone about explaining tour processes and the case study examples you give are genius!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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