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    Hi all!

    I’m in the final stages of doing up my start-up budget/budget forecast for opening up my own cafe in Brisbane. Over 3 months worth of searching, researching, putting ideas to paper, solidifying what my business is and how I can make it happen.

    One thing I’ve learnt is that many people don’t like giving you figures unless you have a premises. Am I to understand they expect you to work backwards? Get a premises and wish you have enough money? No forward planning seems to be a trend.

    If I could just ask a few questions I hope you guys can help me out a little :)

    1. As for beginning licenses/permits I’m under the impression these are what I need:
    – Approval to erect advertising signage/portable advertising devices
    – Food Business Licence
    – Footpath Dining Permit (if necessary)
    – Trade Waste Approval

    Is there anything I’m missing? What are the rules with playing music through Spotify/Itunes?

    2. How to cut costs of a shopfitter?
    – I’ve asked for rough quotes (cost per square meter) and told them what I plan to do and many are telling me it’s impossible to give me a figure.
    – Some are saying $200 000, some are saying $160 000 for a 80m2 premises.
    – Is it just a myth about these places that only open with a few grand and elbow grease? Confused!

    Is there a way to have a good quality cafe around $50 000-$80 000?

    3. Is there a good quality bakery in brisbane who sells to cafes/restaurants high top wholemeal bread and slider buns (mini brioche rolls)?

    – I’ve found Wildbreads but they only deliver the brioche tuesdays (cafe will be closed this day) and saturdays.

    Looking forward to your feedback! :)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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