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    Hi Everyone,

    For a while now I have been contemplating a few ideas of what I could potentially branch into to start a new business. Well I may have just come across an idea that could work – please note that I have not ran any numbers yet and this is just in the idea stage.

    I have the idea of starting a Cafe/Shop based on and around Motorbikes & Racing. It will be a motorbike shop at heart – selling good quality rider gear, parts and accessories with the added benefit of having a small cafe that is setup to do good, basic food (slices, bacon & egg rolls, coffee). Industrial style inside with memorabilia, motorbike art and parts throughout. Even had the thought of a small ‘self service’ station at the shop in the car park that has equipment to check tyre pressure, small hand tools to do any adjustments (spanners, shifters, sockets) – maybe make it more ideal for somewhere to stop before riders head out for a big ride.

    The location of the store, where we are closely located, would be somewhat at the foot hills of some really nice riding locations making it perfect for clubs/groups to drop in on weekends. Riding routes could even be posted on the walls.

    I am a motorbike enthusiast, my partner has excellent organisational skills along with exception customer service, lastly we have access to an exceptional cook that does some amazing slices and cooking in general (Mother in Law! – Who is currently looking for casual work to ‘fill’ her day)

    The biggest issue that I can see, is will it attract the general public or even riders in general.

    Sorry for the rushed post but some advice and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Andrew,

    You sounds very passionate about this idea – I hope you receive some good advice here.

    Best of luck,

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    Awesome idea Drew, I guess it’s all based on your initial capital outlay to how big you want to start out. It seems you have some creative ideas there.

    You may want to start out with the coffee shop section first to encourage a wider audience into your shop. When they are sitting at your tables you can find a way of getting their opinion on added services you can introduce to the shop. This way they are giving you more focused suggestions that they would be willing to spend money on.

    Anyway – good luck with it all. Wishing you all the luck in the world.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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