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    We are a start-up and have just finished a 1st rough draft version of our website.

    We are looking for feedback from flying solo members…on the website…the service offering…the business idea…price…anything that you think might be valuable to us…

    We are also looking for 4 or 5 small Australian businesses wishing to participate in beta testing of our service.

    Our website address is: http://www.ledgerforce.com.au

    Our service is an online bookkeeping service for small Australian businesses.

    Please don’t hold back on your feedback…crucify the site and the business idea if you feel the need!

    Kind Regards,

    Gary Leech
    Ledger Force Pty Ltd

    John Romaine
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    I don’t get it?

    What’s with the invite? If I want to speak to a book keeper, then I want to send an email or pick up the phone and call them.

    If I hit this website, I’d be out of there in a minute.

    This site is easy http://irenasbookkeeping.com.au/

    Call or email. No mucking around.

    …or have I missed something?

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    Hi Gary,
    I don’t often need to resort to this but I have trouble identifying anything positive to say about your draft website.

    You need to consider communication issues like:

    • How will people arrive at your Home page?
    • Who are you trying to communicate with?
    • Where are they in their purchasing process?
    • What information will they want about you and your services?
    • What are your USPs?
    • What action do you want them to take?

    I don’t see any of these questions addressed.

    I gather you are talking to accountants. “Accountants” and “Australian” should be the most visible words on your web page!

    Accountants have thousands of bookkeeping services available to them and you offer them no reason to act. The first “act” you need them to undertake is to scroll down your Home page to read what is below the big blue (useless) square.

    Sorry to say this, but IMHO you need a total rethink of your site, its content and your marketing communications.

    Berrigan Motel
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    First up, let me say that I am biased as I am an accountant and I have completed the CPA program so, like many accountants, I shudder when I see bookkeeping compared with accounting. Your accountant should offer a lot more than data entry and pushing a button to generate a report at the end of the month. Do you offer any analysis of that data? Do you, at a minimum, alert your customers if they forgot to send you a receipt for a recurring expense?

    Noting that I am professionally trained in this area and therefore don’t have great difficulty doing this myself, I don’t see how your service offers more (other than the data entry) than my current $11 per month subscription to Quickbooks. Yes you provide electronic backup of receipts – as do a number of free online services.

    Your features page says you do vigorous background checks on employees but only says that you interview them and train them (the bare minimum). What do you do that is vigorous? Do you get a police check? Do you check references, their linked-in endorsements? Do you contact the educational institutions they claim to have attended to make sure they are in fact qualified at a tafe level at a minimum?

    Your features page also says “your data is secure with us” and tells me to click here to go to the places you use… There aren’t any links to click.

    Also, everything I click opens in a new window. Please don’t do that for pages on your own site. I can see a reason to do it if you are linking externally, so you don’t lose the customer to the WWW, but it shouldn’t be necessary on your own site if you have a good navigation system.

    Looking at your security page, I now see links to the document storage solutions you use. I can’t remember the correct terminology for what you need to do to those links but they are messy. Change the way the link is presented so that it says click here or says the name of the site you’re linking to. That’s a presentation issue.

    From a security and audit perspective, I think you need to consider allowing a senior person (preferably CPA/CA qualified with experience in audit) access to all files as well as the dedicated bookkeeper. You say only the dedicated bookkeeper will have access to the books – what happens if your “vigorous checks” failed or you missed warning signs and that person is dodgy? Do you want your client to be the first to know or do you want to have someone overseeing and auditing internally to catch such problems before they cripple your business and reputation?

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