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    Warren Cottis
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    Maybe… but it sure is much easier to form a relationship and love someone if you know a bit about them.

    So it frazzles my brain to read the statistics on how many businesses don’t have an organized database of their clients.

    How can these businesses love their customers if they don’t know them?

    How can they follow up with their customers to see how the product that they sold them is working out for them?

    How can they deliver ongoing fantastic customer service that builds loyalty and repeat business?

    The answer is they cannot… unless they have a database.

    And it’s so easy… there’s a pile of database software out there from as simple to use as the Business Contact Manger in Outlook to the more sophisticated ones like FileMaker Pro.

    You know… it’s almost unbelievable that most retail store owners pay their staff to just wait and wait for someone to walk into the shop… and then so easily just walk out like ships in the night… never to be seen again. So please… if you have friends who are retail store owners, give them the message.

    If you would like to share a comment about how your database has built your business I’d love to read it. Just click here

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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