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    Below are some of the challenges people face when starting their own e-commerce business:

    1. Business Plan
    2. Business Name
    3. Domain Name
    4. Hosting (cPanel, Cloud, etc.)
    5. Website + Logo (Design & Development)
    6. Sourcing Suppliers
    7. SEO (Organic + Non-organic)
    8. Marketing Strategy (Online + Offline)
    9. Logistics + Supply Chain (Warehousing, postage + handling)
    10. Business Lifecycle

    If the following was offered to entrepreneurs on the plate, would they go for it?

    1. Domain Name (Premium Quality)
    2. Hosting (Top of the range)
    3. Full fledged e-commerce website (With training manual, CMS, back-end, on-going support & training)
    4. Products uploaded on the website
    5. Suppliers sourced for them
    6. Logistics options for them to choose from
    7. SEO ready
    8. Business Plan + Marketing Strategy
    9. On-going support + Training
    10. Option to try before they buy (Rent-to-buy)

    Depending on the e-commerce store, products & market niche – the price range will be anywhere in between $4999 to $19,999.

    Please share your opinion on the following questions:

    Q.1. Will people buy such business?
    Q.2. If yes, what is more appropriate price range?
    Q.3. How else can this product/service be improved?
    Q.4. Feedback/Suggestion

    Thank You in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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