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    I have just had a discussion with a colleague and am wondering if a current business arrangement within the industry I work may be considered to be cartel behaviour.
    The scenario concerns 2 previously competing organisations who supplied representatives for consultation purposes for jobs in my industry. In short, one of these organisations has since had a change in operations and has now engaged with the other organisation that results with 2 people being sent from one organisation to represent both. Invoicing for the 2 people comes separately from each organisation to the client, although the 2 people are paid wages from the one organisation who supplies the representative.
    This business arrangement appears to provide the facade that the 2 organisations are being engaged with and represented, but in fact only one organisation is truly being represented and making money on services provided by 2 people rather than the single individual required for the service.

    Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
    (or if any clarification needed on the scenario which is complicated to say the least)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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