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    Hi Sarah,
    I have this exact dilemma myself. My product is a recordable stubby holder, and whilst a lot of people search for stubby holders they are not looking for talking stubby holders and my product often suits people who don’t even know what they are looking for.

    I agree with the overall sentiment of identifying what problem you are solving for the target audience and go from there, but it isn’t easy!

    I hope you have had success, and would be really interested to hear how you went.

    Jenny Spring
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    KidsActivitiesDelivered, post: 191861 wrote:
    I am currently in the process of getting my website redesigned and now I need to go back to basics with SEO so I can improve the content.

    However I have been avoiding this task a little bit as I just don’t know which keywords to target.

    How do I find keywords for a product people don’t know exist? There are no other businesses in this age group (or with a science/educational based focus) within Australia. I am getting lots of word of mouth referrals which is wonderful, I just need people to get to my site organically and I think I will be alright!

    The keywords I had earmarked are:

    School holiday activities
    ‘birthday gift for x aged girl’,
    ‘rainy day activities
    ‘unique gift for boys/girls’

    Problem is the first page results on Google are some big name players with big budgets. Plus I am reluctant to throw these terms into the content of my site where it really wouldn’t mesh well.

    I had been targeting ‘Ancient Egypt activities’ and others relevant to the topics I offer, however I don’t think these will convert well – these terms would probably be searched for by teachers looking for classroom activities rather than what I offer.

    If anyone could give me some advice I would be very appreciative.

    Thank you :)


    Of course it exists.

    If it didn’t exist, how could you create a sustainable business?

    What exists, and what we need is not your PRODUCT. What we need is a way to solve our PROBLEM.

    Think of the problem you solve.

    Then consider WHO you solve it for.

    Then that is how you structure your solution. As well as your marketing campaign.

    If you put the product before the horse, you’ll be forever ‘pushing’ product, rather than solving problems.

    But what I don’t understand is… why are you looking for keywords? I’m setting up super effective marketing funnels for clients from Facebook advertising (no need for keywords). We target the profile of the person, down to the most crazy level of detail, we segment them, drive them to a leads page, get their email, send out a persuasive well worded email campaign. Works.

    We’ve done this for: whale watching tours, music teacher franchisers, brand new never before heard of product which has no keywords (a delivery sticker), yacht sails, hypnosis weight loss, quit smoking, shade sails, air conditioning on and on and on. It works.

    Forget the keywords for now.

    Get the funnels working through advertising (not on Google) and then you’ll include in the survey for these people (in the email campaign), some good questions that will get their ‘words – aka – keywords’ from them directly.


    John Romaine
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    There’s something very wrong with the initial question here…

    “Choosing keywords for a product no one is actively looking for”

    Umm, you can’t?

    In any case, here’s what you CAN do to find out what keywords to target.

    Reverse engineer keywords that your competitors are targeting.

    Gather up 5 of your biggest competitors and run their sites through SEM Rush.


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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