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    I have an online clothing boutique, but have recently started holding pop shops and travelling to markets for stalls.

    I am after some ideas on how to transport the clothing, which are all on hangers and racks.

    We use an enclosed trailer to transport all the clothing, racks and display items.

    We have tried removing the clothing from the hangers and boxing them up, but this has proved very time consuming taking each item off and on again and wrinkles the clothing too much.

    We have tried keeping the clothing on the racks, but they don’t always stay on and also wont allow the racks to be stacked to save space.

    After any ideas to make the transportation method easier and more efficient.

    Thank you!

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    Have you thought of renting a larger box truck for the day, many market stall holders do. This might allow you to use racks (and there are hangers that don’t allow clothing to fall off easily) as you would be able to fit more in.

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    The trailer we have is a removal trailer and is already big enough. It just packs better if the clothes aren’t on the racks!

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    I seriously just saw a modified horse trailer that was used for this exact purpose on Facebook the other day. The had all the items hanging in the trailer, and it had draw containers under it and they simply moved the stock in and out via ramps.

    It was a modified old small horse float, so you could stand up, I wish I could find it again for you as an idea, but I did a search and I have no idea where I saw it on Facebook.

    They had set it up so well, All the rack where on lockable wheels, and tied of into the trailer, it had small bars that locked on top of the racks to stop the stock falling off the rail when in transport.

    You could use a similar system to stop the hangers falling off the rail. If I remember correctly they also had rubber on the rails. Something like the link below:


    Another one I saw was a standard trailer


    Mischelle :):)

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    i think you’d need a special rack which can save much space while keep your clothes neat and flat, have a look at the pic

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