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    Hi All,
    I am a some time reader, first time poster, and am looking for some advice!
    I am starting an online food delivery business and am trying to source cold chain packaging.
    The boxes I need would be approx 30cm squared and be able to maintain a -18C frozen product to under 5C for at least 48 hours.
    My preference is for ‘green’ packaging but I will use traditional foam boxes to start if need be. I have found a few resources for environmental/biodegradable alternatives to polystyrene in the US but none that supply in Australia.
    So I have found a few suppliers online for traditional polystyrene packaging and have sent off some queries (that seem a bit expensive so far), but am looking to see if anyone from FS has experience or recommended suppliers?
    Thanks! Emma

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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