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    Hello all.

    My name is Bastian, and I’ve been listening to the podcast for a good 6 months. I should have taken others advice and cottoned on to the whole podcast thing earlier! As a mega disorganised business owner, I enjoy listening to the podcast to get ideas for running my own operation, although it’s super tough to break the bad habits already ingrained .

    I am based in country Victoria and run a small Telecommunications business, exclusively B2B. I originally worked in Telco sales, however within my business I am now a jack of all trades, master of none covering sales, accounts, admin, technical. I have one full time technician who has been with me for 14 months, and have just recruited a casual admin person to help me with my admin follow ups I seem to push to the back of the list.

    I’ve been in business since December 2014, and have found that what helps me sleep well at night is shooting straight with customers, and being honest at all times… sometimes too honest! As a result we have a very loyal customer base and I like to think we’re a breath of fresh air in the Telco industry. Nothing makes me happier than slapping down a dodgy Telco company to steer someone in the right direction.

    Weighing up on becoming a paid member, as it seems good value, however I am not one to put myself out in the spotlight, and I’m a little stage fright on the idea of a podcast (Although I’m sure I’d kill it XD!!).

    Dave – FS Concierge
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    Welcome to the forume [USER=118062]@Basto[/USER]!

    Sounds like you’ve found one of the joys of running your own business – building it around your values.

    Congrats on 5+ years in business, and it’s great to have you here. :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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