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    Hello all,

    I’m a part-time employee and a free lance graphic designer. I’ve been employed for about 3 years (straight from school) and i’ve been freelancing for about 2 years.

    I ended up getting legit last year and spent around 6 months of working under an ABN and paying tax, to help supplement my day-job so I started up a home business. I didn’t have high expectations with the work, as I primarily sourced my work online, and completed work online.

    The home business created an extra few thousand dollars of income, which I was happy with, as it was more or less a venture into doing what I love, and getting paid for it, as there is barely any workplace opportunities where I live.

    Being happy with the situation that i’m in. I did some thinking into how I can create more – let’s say, passive income. Why not kick start another venture into another thing that I’ve always wanted to do. Create and design a clothing brand.

    Obviously I have my doubts, who on earth will by my brand when there are so many reputable and famous brands out there already. In all honesty, I’d be happy to order in a few designed shirts, hats and singlets. Wear them around myself and if a few people are interested then good stuff! I’ve seen a few people do these small time gigs, and it’s perfect to supplement income and keep them busy and learning. Which is what i’d love to do.

    As a 21 year old with minimal savings, an investment into a brick and mortar outlet would be a dream. Whereas online stores and social media, don’t cost $2500 a month in rent and I don’t need to quit my job to staff the store.

    So here’s what I need help with;

    1) Does anybody here have any online retail experience that they would love to pitch in. Not looking for a $500,000 dollar annual turnover. Just some extra cash on the side – consider this business venture as diversifying my investment portfolio, so when my Graphic design goes quiet and my hours at work are being cut, there’s some income streaming in from my clothing business.

    2) Profit margins are low, I understand that. Realistically i’d be looking for good quality and lowering my own margins to stay competitive, rather than import horrible quality stock from overseas and stinge out on the print to maximize profits – I may even consider a local printer for a while.

    3) Marketing. I’d be going about my day by offering up my product online, via social media which directs potential customers to a webpage. Avenues such as Facebook and Instagram have been favoured by plenty of small online businesses to launch products and generate sales.

    4) I understand there’s 101,000 other businesses that will be selling clothing online, but as stated, i’m not looking to be a huge retailer, sure if it gets to that then go me! I have a few design mockups already done, and I’ve identified my target audience. It’s just all about getting the product out there and feeling for some reactions, then go from there.

    I’d love any sort of advice and comments on these points listed above. As I’d love to hear what other online store owners, and business people have to say about my idea.

    Thanks for taking the time to read! Muchly appreciated!

    Dave Gillen – FS Concierge
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    Good stuff Brodie!

    There’s nothing like just getting started in a small way to answer many of your questions, so good luck.

    Hopefully you’ll get advice from people who’ve been down this track, but I would just say that success in the early stages tends to go to the people who are LEAST passive. Keep that in mind until you gain some momentum. :)

    Keep us updated!


    Dave Gillen - Client Acquisition | Brisbane | (07) 3180 0288
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    Does anybody here have any online retail experience that they would love to pitch in?

    Yes, I do and I guess many of us do. One thing about it – it is not a passive income. You constantly need to work on it in order to keep the thing running. Analysis of competitors, customers, new products on the market etc. It is no different to a full time job.

    Great fun though :)

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    I have started an online dropship company but due to lack of time I am unable to run it (http://www.chaotiq.com.au), using magento back end.

    I have the list of the dropship company that hte products are listed from.

    My aim was to automatically updated the website stright from the dropship company but that funcationality isn’t provided by the company as yet.

    I have started another startup and I am unable to invest time into this.

    Let me know if you would be interested in taking over.


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