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    John Ogier Brandability
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    It’s a pleasure to be invited to join Flying Solo. I’ve read the book, and as a new member here, I’ve become part of the brand… which brings me nicely to explain Brandability.

    I am a consultant and trainer who helps people in business to communicate.

    My focus is on the ‘How’ of being your brand. It is the communication skills, attitudes or behaviours that go towards reinforcing everything that we do to live the brand we represent.

    Whether it is the head honcho/honchina of an organisation or their teams, I facilitate and train in areas of influence and persuasion, customer experience delivery, Asian business culture and strategy execution.

    I am the guy who stands up in front of a group of ‘mildly’ interested people and get them involved in learning and practicing new ways to improve so that they become ‘wildly’ interested in how they can contribute to the success of their business and to themselves!

    My goal for the work I do for clients is; ‘relevant and useable outcomes’.

    A lot of my work is with big companies.

    Brandability is not a new business but it does have a new direction. I’d like to post my website address however it is a bit early – I’m currently website shopping.

    I aim to learn from others through Flying Solo and to help others too. Thanks for reading and let’s be in touch!

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    Hi John,

    Thanks so much for introducing yourself, and for the introduction to your business.

    I’m really looking forward to checking out that new website of yours, so please let us know when it’s up and running.

    Love your work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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