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    Hi everyone,

    Just after a bit of brainstorming help and advice – I’m having a bit of trouble converting people who receive/see my business (MVP Basketball Coaching) information from people who simply see it to people who regularly attend sessions.

    I’ve tried promotional ideas/special offers such as “Bring a Friend Free” and come along and get a free drink bottle type stuff.

    I’ve also done letterbox drops, school handouts (where the school has distributed flyers to my target classes/age group) among other things.

    The thing is, once I’ve got someone attending there’s a really good retention rate and the kids keep coming back!

    So just wondering what other ideas people have tried that have been successful or what ideas might pop into other people’s heads about this?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Just from reading your website, I get the impression that if I turn up for a session, me may run through anything that you feel like on the night, plus your sessions cover newbie and representative players.

    Just thinking out aloud, if I was a newbie and turned up and there were 5 rep players, I would be thinking I wouldn’t get much attention to my needs. Or the other way around a rep player turned up at a session with all newbies, will be doing very basic stuff. Now that may not be it, but reading your website, I think you need to maybe split to different skill levels on different nights. Or spell it out better.

    I guess your website doesn’t give me any compelling reason to come to your coaching sessions. You may be a great coach but your sales speel doesn’t do anything.

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    Great feedback, thanks mate!

    Dave Gillen – FS Concierge
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    Hi Mark,

    A few thoughts…

    1. If the hump is getting people to show up that first time, why not let them come for free? If retention is good, you should be throwing everything you can at them so they’d be crazy not to try it out. Free Session + Gift Pack might be a good start. If it were me I’d like a personal strengths/weaknesses assessment (maybe if I turn up 15 min before the lesson). So you could throw that in too.

    2. Put your testimonials within your sales copy, not on a separate page. They are your supporting evidence.

    3. On your FB page I’m not seeing many current photos from your sessions. These let potential customers imagine themselves or their kids in the scene. Also it’s pretty cool for people to get action shots of themselves. And parents love them (and share them).

    And don’t forget that the parents are the ones paying the bill. What I’m often seeing in kids sport/activities is that the kids are catered for but the parent is forgotten as a customer. Communicating with the parents (updates, schedules, strategies, newsletters, action photos, company values, etc) will raise the value of your product to them, and is the difference between “basketball training” and a great program that they recommend to their friends.


    Dave Gillen - Client Acquisition | Brisbane | (07) 3180 0288
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    Just one other thing, you give no idea about the qualifications of your coaches to actually coach. sure for some you say which teams they coach, others you say nothing. But as we know often coaches are drafted because they are the ones that didn’t step backwards quick enough when the parents were asked who knows what a basketball looks like. So just because someone is coaching a team, it doesn’t mean they know anything about coaching. I coached a basketball team for about 2 weeks for that exact reason, doesn’t mean I am any good (I’m hopeless in fact). But for all I know your coaches are in the same boat.

    I would like to see a bio of your coaches to see the quality of who is training me or my children. $20 is a fair hit for a parent to pay if the ”coach” just happened to be drafted by bad luck.

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