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    Hi all, I am looking for a coworking space or office / desk for rent in Brisbane’s north. I’ve tried google with little luck so far. Any tips or advice on how to go about this. There are several options in the CBD, but my preference is a 5 min drive from home..

    I am considering going for a walk in some of the small business / shop areas nearby and just asking people if they are interested in a part time border..

    any advice appreciated.


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    Hi Michael,

    I can’t help with the original question but in my experience it can be worth putting up a post on Gumtree.

    Last year when I was looking to find an office location I put an ad up offering to exchange services for a desk.

    I had a few responses from small businesses and was contacted directly by the manager of a co-working space down here (Sydney) called Desk x Space.

    Half a year later I’m settled there and I didn’t do anything except put the ad on Gumtree.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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