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    I have designed two questionnaire templates, and I was wondering if there is anyone here that would like to test them for free. Well sort of I am testing them so I would like to gather your feedback on how easy it is to follow the instructions on the template, and whether they are easy to program into the online survey software of your choice, or whether you think that I should also offer programming as part of the service, I am also interested in finding out whether you think there is any information missing.

    If you are interested in one of the following two surveys PM me with your email address and business details including website and I will email you a copy. Then three weeks later I will email you a survey to complete to get feedback on the templates.
    The two templates I have available are as follows

    The first one is for an online retail business to send to customers who have just made a purchase online from your website. The questionnaire has a number of standard satisfaction questions and instructions on how to complete the template. It also includes the recruitment email to send to customers.

    If you are an online business owner who wants to survey customers who have made a purchase from your website using a professional questionnaire here is your chance. You will need to program and install it yourself. There is no skip logic, it will work on any of the free software packages

    The second one is for a new product or service. Like the satisfaction one above it is a template with instructions on how to complete it for your business. However this one does have skip logic which means it won’t work on a free software account. However, I also have a face to face version of this questionnaire if you wanted to survey using that method.

    If you have a business that is not online retail or you do not have any new products or services to test I would love to hear what templates you think would be useful.

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    Re: Do you need a customer sat questionnaire or are you testing a new idea

    Aahhh the irony… I have just posted a link to a survey I’ve put together to gain information about a new service! :)

    Is there any way that you could set the surveys up in the tool you recommend and have your clients be able to upload the “template” into their account? That would be handy as I found it took me a bit to get my head around setting up the survey (although not that long to be truthful – although I did start in one tool, found I couldn’t do what I wanted (in the free version at least) so had to start again in another tool).

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    Hi Sara,

    I’ve moved your thread over here to the Community Reviews section of the forums, which is the more appropriate place for it.

    I hope you find the help you need.

    All the best,

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