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    I’m Baaaaack fantastic trip deep into the Flinders ended up in Arkaroola reserve driving over dry river beds going up gradients of 60 degrees
    staying in shearers bunk houses going underground at the Blinman copper mine and enjoying some rather interesting fauna and flora
    Otherwise seeing the beautiful rock formations learning about the different minerals including the biggest uranium deposit, we’ve actually come back rather exhausted but enjoyed ever minute. We did the Flinders Eco tour and if you do you want Steve to take you. You’ll be driving along a dirt road and suddenly stop because he has seen a bearded lizard on a rock or an emu with chicks or a desert pea on the side of the road or something else that takes his fancy which he turns into a discussion on flora fauna or geology very interesting and great fun.

    If you really want to experience small business at its best then visit Blinman the town has a population of 18 and no council wants to know about them so they have taken to developing the town into a tourist spot with the old copper mine as their main attraction.
    Don’t let that fool you every shop and even the pub run efficiently and the café even has genuine Cornish pasties.

    This place is so isolated in the Flinders raged north of Adelaide you would not expect it to survive but it has started to grow its tourist trade and this helps them to complete the project they have planned for the town.

    Eco tours is a small business as well, doesn’t give you the commentary that you would expect from a bus tour. Your involved from the moment you get on board and its nothing to have a break in the middle of nowhere, stop in the middle of a dry creek bed or have drinks around a roaring camp fire.

    It was also an opportunity to promote Flying Solo as I usually do every where I go

    So did you miss me…………………….

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    Welcome back Burgo! Sounds like you had a great time, and you’ve always got your eye open for seeing how other businesses run so efficiently. Sounds like the town has taken to running itself as an entire business organism to try and get tourists in, it will be good to see how they develop over time and if it works for them.

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    I must admit I was very impressed with what they have done so far

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    Hi Patrick,

    YES! We did miss you :)

    But hope that you and she-who-must-be have had a lovely time.

    You certainly sound like you’ve come home energised and inspired.

    Nice to have you back,

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    You are making us all jealous, but sounds like your journey was great

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    Of course!!!

    Wendy :)

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