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    I’ve been a business owner for quite some time now and most of the time people who own businesses have this dilemma of how they could market their business outside their location.

    I know that social media is one of the best things you can go to but do you consider building a website (perhaps availing a service from web development companies) to expand the existence of your business throughout Australia?

    What are your thoughts?

    Jeremy McClelland
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    I see a website as being the core of your business marketing and one that you can control, social media will come and go over time but having a core website helps centralise, by all means utilise the social media platfoms that are currently popular but use them to drive traffic to your website.

    Additonally, in my experience with some customers that have been Facebook only, having a website legitimises them. While 90% of their traffic may start with facebook having a website can harbour a sense of trust in the business they are dealing with, even a simple landing page with about information and contact details helps with online trust.

    Of course no one solution is the silver bullet and will depend on the nature of your business and your target audience. But in most omni channel situations I normally adivse to keep your content in your owned and controlled website and publish from their to your social media channels.

    Outsource Safety
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    Having a website will aid in the credibility of your business for sure. It’ll help expand your clients – depending on what business you own/operate…

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    It makes sense for business owners to have both a website and some form of social media presence.

    Getting a brochure website built is quite inexpensive these days and creating a social media account is free so there isn’t any real reason why business owners shouldn’t have both.

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    Agree with above. However, I am going to give an insight into my way of shopping online.
    The best way I discover businesses are through amazon/ ebay/ social media.
    If there’s a vendor specific website, sure I’ll check it out but I always only buy from ebay, amazon, etc unless the item is not on sale there. There is a very simple reason for that: I am just more confident paying on these platforms. With small websites, I do not know how much they have invested in the security of their platforms, their returns policy, shipping times. A lot of this just boils down to me being familiar with these giants policies.

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    Most websites go through platforms that have good security and they don’t see your payment info so you don’t have to worry about your payment security.

    But, that issue is why I always offer Paypal on my websites, and I only buy using Paypal on other people websites. I know how easy it is to open a website and disappear.
    Paypal has easy buyer and seller protections so if a buyer doesn’t get their item they can get their money back. Of course, there is always the option of bank chargebacks but Paypal is just easier as a buyer.

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    I see it as not an and or proposition but the use of both to promote a business, that is, a website & social media.


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    Social Media

    Nick Jahet
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    I recommend you create mobile software apps for business. It’s a popular niche that brings you money.

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    Both are important to promote your product online. Website is much needed to do social media.

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    This is a great question and honestly, I would actually recommend doing both. Keep up the social media but also ensure you have a website.

    If you recall not long ago, Facebook had banned news content from Australians for a while and Google was actually talking about pulling out their services all together.

    Had Google of gone, it would be a huge hit, but ultimately another search engine would take it’s place eventually and search engines index what “other people own”. Namely their website.

    Where as if you put all your eggs in just a social media network, imagine if one day they pulled the plug. If you tied up even half of your entire marketing effort into that social media network, you would be faced with a very difficult problem, and scrambling to get yourself out there via other marketing means.

    Sure there are a lot of other marketing avenues, not just websites, but a website is considered very commonplace for many consumers and businesses alike.

    If social media and search engines is where they come to first hear about you, the website itself is where they come to learn “more” about you.

    Social media feeds come and go, and often posts eventually disappear in the mix and noise. If you post a social media post and/or purchase google ads, you’ll get what SEO experts call the “spike of hope” and then the “spike of nope”.

    The spike of hope is the web traffic graph showing a sudden surge and spike in traffic to your site, but it never lasts forever, and what you typically see is the graph flattening back down again to the spike of nope to net zero traffic (or whatever traffic level you were at prior to the spike surge).

    Which is why websites SEO is the long term game plan. If you go to the trouble of getting a website set up, to provide information for customers who may want to do further research about you, and tickle their interest, and play your cards right working your SEO, eventually you’ll get organic traffic (meaning, traffic where people find you naturally in search results without you needing to create eye popping social media content all the time or pay actual money for google ads). If you can achieve that, you are well on your way to having a powerhouse marketing tool.

    So in short, do the social media, keep doing that. But honestly, a website is a sensible strategic move you’ll also want to have a crack at doing. Plus if your competitors have one, and you don’t, they’ve already got a leg up on you so you’d naturally want to do the same. If not do better at it than them.

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    I believe that mobile apps have become very popular.

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    I’d say there’s no universal approach and for one case there’s one solution. I, for one, use both, a website and social media. So do many entrepreneurs as we see from the replies above.
    I sell various things related to plumbing and I have an eCom website and also I promote my stuff via Instagram and Twitter. The site is based on WordPress and I developed it on my own. Graphic content for it and for my SMM campaign I get via the Awesomic subscription design service so it doesn’t cost much for me given that I use this content both for my social media and the site.
    So, I think having both is the best option.

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    It depends on the type of business. A website is so so cheap, to not invest in one says something about you. Either you’re so busy you don’t need new work, you’re brand new, or you’re not serious. Only ppl I know who are serious and have no site are subcontractors like tradies.

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