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    Accounting Software for Startups and Small Businesses – Do you know someone who manages their business accounts manually but wants to automate them using accounting software?

    I want to find out if you know anyone who might be interested in using Reckon One and wants to get a discount offer of 50% for six months before 31/12/2022. They also get a 30-day free trial.

    I organised the promotion with Reckon to assist women entrepreneurs from some Asian countries who want to market their products in Australia through a not-for-profit organisation. Accounting software will make it easier for them to comply with the regulations.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances with the weather, some of the business owners’ operations were severely impacted, including their communities. Businesses are social enterprises that create products and do social and environmental good in the world. Hence, I want to help them when they bring their brands to the Australian market.

    Ideally, when I understand the women’s businesses, I can share more details with them about Reckon. Unfortunately, dealing with these business owners got delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

    I’m sharing the offer in this community so others can benefit from the discount before the promotion expires on 31/12/2022. To receive the discount, they need to specify Dynamic Zenergy as their Reckon Partner.

    However, they can easily share their Reckon book with their accountant, bookkeeper and tax agent. Here is the link to the Reckon tutorial video on how they can share their Reckon book with others: http://bit.ly/3C0XsKX.

    Here is the link to learn more about the offer and Reckon: https://bit.ly/3vjDyab. If you want more information, please reach out. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

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