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    My name is Stephen Moore Richards (AKA Steve) was born in New Zealand and migrated to the Gold Coast, Australia in 2006. Friends call me “Dodgey Gnome” or “Dodgey” for short….not that I’m dodgey…more because I look more like a cheeky gnome…….hence my signing name for my cartoons and caricatures!
    I specialises mainly in auto-art, for example, cars, boats, planes, trains etc. although I am not limited to just this subject matter, having painted and drawn portraits, animals and landscapes etc.
    I am a signwriter by day for a large GC company but am trying to promote and sell my artwork and design work so that I can work from a home studio for myself. Hence my web-site which I am in the last stages of loading.
    http://www.stevesartworx.com or http://www.dodgeygnome.com
    Hopefully I can pick up tips and ideas from this forum that I can apply to get things moving.
    I favour working in acrylics on either canvas or board and also paint murals on walls, both interior and exterior features. Some airbrushing may be used in backgrounds but the bulk of my paintings are hand brushed.
    I find the play of light in reflections in paint and chrome very intriguing and so enjoy painting the subject matter containing this effect, hence the love of the world’s mechanical “works of art”.
    Caricatures and cartoons are also a specialty and I have been the regular cartoonist for the New Zealand Classic Car Magazine for the past ten years, supplying the monthly cartoon and an article illustration every month for publication.
    See the ‘Gallery’ for examples of Steve’s work, including some original paintings that have now been put up for sale.
    Prints and Limited Edition Prints of my original works are also available for purchase. Also posters of car-icatures and cartoons are available. There are also some examples of the commissions I have done in the past.

    Robert Gerrish
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    Hi Steve

    Great to have you on board, welcome to the forums.

    Your work looks really interesting, I hope you make many new contacts and I look forward to seeing your conversations around the place.

    Love your work!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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