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    Khai The Kit Source
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    Hi Everyone,

    It’s been challenging getting new customers to shop this way since most are accustomed to purchasing party supplies one item at a time. We’d love for you to visit our new landing page and tell us if it explains how we are a better solution – http://party.thekitsource.com.au/party-supplies-reimagined/

    The reason we started The Kit Source is to help Aussies celebrate more often without the “negative experiences/emotions” associated with party planning. Our themes are unique as my Wife pieces all the different elements together.

    We’d really appreciate your feedback as we’re finding it difficult to get our message across. P.S. does anyone know a few good lifestyle/Mum bloggers who we can reach out and send out products for testing/feedback?

    Thank you!

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    Looks good but I feel the call to action is lost.
    So if this is a landing page you direct people to from some form of advertising then it may loose conversions.

    Also you should have a clear an visible phone number for people to call.

    Here is one I’ve done that I still need to add content and tweak it a little before using it maybe it will help guide you a little. This page will be used for advertising on many different online channels:
    (this page is not live yet so please do not fill it out or quote us on the special or pricing I’m just giving it to you for reference to help)

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    love the concept, but no the landing page doesn’t grab me ad say what you are offering, I had to scroll a fair bit down before I knew what was on offer.

    your graphic for petite regular or large needs some work at first glance its not obvious.

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    My question is about the buying buttons. Are they meant to work? I’m using Chrome and they highlight but I can’t click through so I can’t buy.

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    Love the look of the page, but phone number and location is important. This should be visible. I know if I was seeking your services but had no idea of where you are located I would probably go look at other sites.

    Corporate escapee
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    I think it’s a beautiful website, but I actually find the newer website layouts harder to navigate. I’m over 40 though! I miss top navigation on the homepage! It took me a minute or so to really find key info.

    As an environmentally conscious person (like many people with a high disposable income) my first reaction to your product was “hell no”, so I looked at your FAQs to see whether this issue was addressed there, maybe by your using recycled paper products or something, but found nothing. I wonder if this is something to think about.

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    FWIW, just my opinion;

    1. blank space to the right of initial pitch communicates nothing. this is the ‘premium’ area of the page (google “above the fold” to learn this concept)

    2. I got lost in the small text after “dont roam the aisles”. Is there a way to make this statement more pithy? Like the main benefit in a short sentence?

    3. the images in the PARTY KIT diagram are very plain. Given your concept is basically ‘fun’ (ie, “parties”), these are quite low-key and bland.

    4. I dont love the images of the party kits. These are effectively your calls to action on the page and Im not sure they are exactly click magnets.

    5. I dont think the “Buying online… style or quality” is actually overcoming any actual objection. People buy online all the time – its not 2005. Is there an actual objection you need to overcome that prohibits people from clicking on anything on your page? – if so, hit that; if not, there are probably better ways to build trust (Google “trust symbols” for the concept)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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